Adding Personal Touches To Your Blog

Adding Your Personal TouchThere are billions of blogs online and they are about millions of different topics. There are blogs for businesses and companies as well as our personal ones. This is why it’s extremely important to add your own personal touch to your blog or website.

When a blog conveys personal messages, you don’t feel like you are reading but more like you are having a conversation with someone. It gives the words life.

Even for business and company blogs, if it has a personal touch, it’s sends a more than a “business as usual” kind of message. You better believe this draws more visitors and more appreciation from it’s readers.

Writers that write from the heart do this naturally throughout their content. At the end of the day, it’s a blog, and not everyone reads everything. But adding a few personal touches here and there can really help keep your readers engaged.

Here are a few things I like to practice when creating a personal blog or website.


Include an “about me page”

Introduce yourself to you readers. This will be your virtual hand shake. WordPress encourages beginners to write about themselves when they first publish content.

It is a great rule to follow and it’s only a single post or page. You want to create trust and let people get to know you. Adding an ‘about me‘ page is a must when you create a blog!


Answer comments

There is no touch more personal than answering comments and questions that are left by your visitors. If possible add a picture of you, an avatar that will appear as you send your replies.

These small personal touches promote interaction between you and your readers. They will feel that they are accommodated and heard. This creates trust which is a must if you want to maintain a successful blog or website.

Use the power of photos

Adding a photo of you as the owner gives your readers an idea of the person they are engaging with. A faceless writer can be exciting and mysterious, but it is always better not to hide. Revealing who you are seems to have a better reach to your readers in creating the trust aspect i so often refer to.

In your posts, try to add pictures that you took personally. A single picture can convey your message sometimes with just a glance. I believe that it is the main purpose of photos, trying to show your readers exactly what you saw. Taking your readers beyond words is an enormous personal touch!

 Adding humor and sarcasm

humorWhen you make someone laugh, it shows that you had a personal affect on them. A ‘bonding moment’ if you will. I personally try and add some humor to brighten things up every once in a while.

If you know a joke that goes well with the topic – tell it. Not just to make someone laugh but to present a point or support a point you are trying to make. If you aren’t someone who shares jokes often or is addicted to meme sites like myself (guilty as charged), don’t push it. Just let it happen naturally. I guarantee you will find some spots where you can shake up your post with a little bit of giggle.

Sarcasm can shake things up as well, depending on the topics that you’re writing about. Like jokes, keep it as smooth and relevant as possible. It makes your writing seem more realistic, as if you were speaking to your audience.

These tips however should be used with caution (this is a red alert kind of situation). Always remember that not all jokes are funny. Jokes can really hurt someones feelings and you don’t want to keep throwing stones on your visitors instead of making them laugh.

If you use these tips moderately they have the possibility a getting you a repeat following. After all everyone needs that one friend that can make us smile after a hard day, try and be that friend!

 Telling a story

There is nothing more personal than expressing something that holds a piece of you. Sharing an experience and being a little vulnerable sometimes can open up this virtual world.

If you can open yourself it’s like freeing yourself. For some people, writing gives them freedom and acts as an escape. These people treat writing as a personal friend. In a world where so few listen, writing can be a great release. The good thing about blogging is that you can come across real listeners in the process.

When you write a story, try and engage your readers and make them feel like you’re taking them on an adventure. This personal touch can be the difference of having your readers feel like they are reading plain text or conversing with you around a bonfire.

 Converse, not preach

There are always blogs that teach us things or give us tips. If you write these kind of blogs, avoid telling people what to do but rather display information or tips as options that they can try out at their leisure.

Always remember that people are different and that not everything applies to everyone. All we can do is give them ideas and let them choose what suits them best.

Adding personal touches to your blog should never be hard to do. Just open yourself up and your readers will do the same. Be sure not to write for traffic or rankings, write to share something meaningful to others and try to help them in some way. Practice these tips and you won’t only have a successful blog but it will be one you can be proud of!


Questions?If you have any questions or would like to share some personal touches that weren’t covered here by all means please use the comment box below!