Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

Long TAIL KeywordsWe use the web every day. Mothers looking for new recipes, teens for fashion trends, bloggers publishing more posts etc. These days, when you ask someone something, instead of giving you a quick reply, they will utter: “Google it!” Admit it. You’ve heard the expression.

True enough though, the answer is always at the tips of your fingers. Just type, hit search, and there you have it! Answers fresh from across the globe.  Almost everything is on the web. Even things that you think don’t exist. The internet makes the world smaller, communities tighter and knowledge better.

Everything is laid in front of the readers with the click of a mouse throughout the search engines. They display the top ranking websites that contain the information people are searching for.

Website owners want to be found during these moments. The connection starts when the researcher types a ‘keyword’  into the search bar. The search engine then produces the most relevant article, or content that matches their search term.

This is why keywords are so important! Keywords are the words you incorporate into your content so that readers will have an idea of what your content is going to be about. This helps the researchers find exactly what they are looking for.

Keywords for website and blog owners are essential, but you can dig a little deeper by using long-tail keywords too. So, what exactly are these and why should you use them?


The tale of long-tail keywords

tale of long tail keywordsThe term ‘long tail’ is more of a statistical name. It just describes a distribution of words from the head to the tail. I know you don’t need a crash-course in statistics, so I’m gonna drop the university course and start with the real description below.

Long tail keywords are usually 3-8 word phrases that are more specific. You use these keywords to help the researchers find you when the 1-2 word search terms get too saturated. And they usually always are!

Take the keyword ‘glasses’ as an example.

This is way too vague and you will most likely never rank for this because it has a ton of competition. Plus it could mean many things. It could mean drinking glasses, sunglasses, prescription glasses – you get the point.

Lets say you have a mixology website and your post is promoting martini glasses – you would pick more long tail keywords to promote it such as:

  • small clear martini glasses
  • large tinted martini glasses
  • short stem plastic martini glasses

–This is now more specific and clear and the reseacher is now going to get more relevant related results on what they are looking for.

Why long tail keywords can be beneficial


Long tail keywords are very helpful to website owners that are selling things.

When people find you through these kinds of keywords, chances of having conversions will be higher. The searchers are taking the time to type in exactly what they are looking for, and if they find you first and you are offering what they need, they are usually already willing to buy . So by extending the tail of the keyword to be more unique and specific, it lessens your competition, gives searchers more relevant results, and increases your chances of ranking as well.

Site rankings

When you use long tail keywords the proper way, you will find it’s much easier to rank on the first page of the search engines for those particular terms. Ranking of a site is a bi-product of a of hard work and site credibility, but this is definitely a way that can help make it happen more quickly.


web trafficIf your site ends up at the top of search results, you are obviously going to get visitors that will click on you. This generates traffic and ultimately leads to better rankings within other pages of your site as well. High rankings aren’t  always the heart and soul of a good website, but they are a huge bonus! More traffic equals more potential profit.

This are just some of the reasons why long tail keywords are so important.

Generating these keywords for your site can be tricky. With great keywords comes great responsibility 🙂 Wrong or overusage of these could potentially ruin your content instead of making it great.

Choose keywords that YOU would type in


Put yourself in the buyers shoes. If you were to search for the product you were promoting, what keyword would you type in? If you can answer this question you’ll ahead of many competitors!

Research your keywords!


Keyword research is a must. Thankfully technology has helped us immensely these days with researching tools that can make our lives and businesses so much easier to manage. There are many keyword research tools out there that can help you find great long tail keywords. I use two of the most inexpensive keyword tools out there in combination to help me find my keywords. Long Tail Pro and Jaxxy. These two powerhouses are something you’ll never regret purchasing!

Keep it simple

No one will type in very complex words in the search bar, so always use keywords that are easy to remember and understand. These are just words, they are a guide for people to find you. At the end of the day, good websites that offer quality and helpful content will never stay completely hidden. The use of keywords and long tail keywords are just a way we can try and stay ahead of the game.



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