Challenges of Writing Good Content

Writing Quality ContentWriting is about self-expression. It is a form of communication. To convey and deliver a clear message to the people it’s intended for. But this world is always changing, people are always acquiring different tastes and ideas. So writing about how to write is not going to be easy.

Within the writing world, every writer tries to be on the top of their game to produce quality and original content. We don’t need to ask why. Good content leads to reader engagement, blog traffic, and great websites among many other things. But deeper than that, good content is a channel to learning, clear communication and understanding.

Many writers are born with this instinct, it’s in their blood. But if someone is able to communicate to people by speaking, well, that person can also communicate in writing. Let’s never forget, we all have our own genius within, good writers have just allowed the genius to come out.

This post is not about sharing tips on writing good content. As I said above, we all have different tastes and styles. Perhaps an article I write on a certain topic may be good but yours may be better. Writing about writing is a tough subject. This article exists only in hopes it will help someone unleash their inner self and become comfortable sharing their ideas through words.

 Be you

There’s an old saying, writing is self-reflection. Make notes on what’s in your head. What will appear on paper is originality.

Write how you speak.

  • Go out and read other other styles and other pieces on similiar topics. Researching is vital in writing. This can serve as inspiration but stop being inspired when it leads to flat out copying ideas.
  • Always showcase your own ideas. Some people are afraid to share ideas thinking that people may not like them. Since when do we need an approval from anyone? Kurt Vonnegut once said, “Write to please just one person”.
  • Do not lose your own style when it comes to knowing your readers and creating your content. Never look for readers. Just write and the readers will find you.


Take it slow

Write slowPeople these days are always in a rush. Avoid rush writing. If you don’t have time to write that day then put it off until a time you can think clearly with no distractions.

Allow yourself time to think. The time that you spend thinking about the content will be reflected in the words on the paper. Imagine it in your head first. Imagination can serve as the first stage of editing your content and filtering your ideas.

 “Is the end where I begin?”

Rewinding works well when writing. Have your article finished in your head. Then go back to the rest of your write-up. This way you know where you are going. You are certain of the destination!

Not having a clear ‘end’ can give you a “lost” moment during writing. Your mind will end running laps in your head and that can truly ruin your work.

Set reasonable goals and make sure you achieve them!

 Plan it

A planned article always gives good results. You can use a lot of things when planning content. It’s your choice. It can be an App, a notebook, or just your brain. It just has to work!.

When you lay out your plan, you organize the content. Organized content is much easier to understand. It comes out more clear and you end up with less errors. You also save a lot of time.

Ideas in your head may be really cluttered, which is a sign of cleverness they say. But it’s not clever to convey that in your writing. You will end up with a disaster. I’ll tell you what’s clever – clean, organized content.

 Research the idea

Writing ResearchYou may have stock knowledge, or you’re an expert in the field you are writing about, but there is always more out there.

This will give you a chance to learn even more, and the more you know, the more you can share. Look at every perspective. You don’t have to know everything, but try to understand how vast a single idea can be!

Opening yourself to different information makes you understand things in different situations. This way, you will see and write about things in a vast point view which will benefit more readers. Looking at a single view all the time will deepen your knowledge in regards to one thing, but you are missing all the things on the other side.

The more you learn, the more you will understand that there is so much more that you’re not familiar with. Just as Socrates said “All I know is that I know nothing”.


Make it short, and direct

Long, flowery content is like a dumb good looking girl. Such a shame! – jokes 😉 –

Say what you want to say. You do not need a lot of words. Keep it simple and sweet. Avoid clichés like the plague (kind of like this one). Avoid using jargons, you are not in court! Jargons can make people feel under educated and they won’t continue reading what you have to say.

Some people think that being direct loses style and is sign of a dull vocabulary. It’s not, let’s drop the thesaurus and write simple words that your audience can understand. Don’t try to sound geeky or smart to amaze readers. You are making a point, not a maze. So take it easy.

 Don’t hate the grammar police

Grammar is essential to good content. Typo’s and errors are annoying.  Misspelled words need cuffs too! Let someone edit your work. You will always miss something, two sets of eyes are always better than one!

You, yourself must be the police. Check, check, and re-check your work. Your responsibility is not just providing good content, but content that abides by the laws of writing. Unless you are a poet, do not claim to have a poetic license.


Questions?I hope this article shed some light on ways to share good content with your audience. If anyone has any questions, comments or would like to share their ideas on writing good content please use my contact page.

Happy writing friends!