Common Blogging Problems

Blogging ProblemsFreedom of expression gives us the liberty to express ourselves through any medium, including writing blogs. Blogging can be of any type. It could be about marketing, information, or just a hobby. Speaking of which, I have written an article on how to make money from a hobby if you’re interested.

With any of these reasons that made you decide to start publishing your work online, there are always instances that you are not satisfied with your results, or the readers don’t perceive it well. This is normal people. Nothing’s perfect, so don’t dwell on it too much.

But how can we possibly get the best out of this content that we have given our time, effort and attention to? First things first, you need to identify the problem. Every problem has a solution they say, but how can we solve this if we don’t know what’s wrong?

So let’s have a look, let’s list some common blogging problems and disect them a bit. This can help us find possible solutions to our problems.


You don’t have a Good website

This is one of the basics in blogging. If your website is no good, problems will arise left and right. This is your foundation and you want this to be solid. This is your contents home, and just like homes in the outside world you want this to be as nice and inviting as possible.

  • Choose a nice simple theme (One with easy navigation)
  • Pick colors that aren’t harsh to the eyes (bright neons etc.)
  • Always use black or grey text on a white background (every book in the world can’t be wrong)
  • Don’t have too much ‘clutter’ within the actual content (A couple relevant pictures will suffice)
  • Always encourage comments and interaction (Google loves active blogs!)


Traffic problems

web trafficYour blog is like a freeway. Unlike the outside world you want traffic! You want as many visitors as possible. And you need them, especially when you’re are trying to promote something.

Blog traffic is dependent on so many factors and techniques I decided to write write a separate article on the topic (click above to learn more).

What you can do:

Sharing your content and creating backlinks are two of the best free things that you can do to increase traffic. But one thing that will always drive traffic to your site is good reliable content. You have to genuinely want to help people and solve their problems in some way if possible.

Low rankings

People who blog obviously want their work at the top of the SERP’s. But this is impossible if you don’t practice the right techniques.

What to do:

Practice good SEO. This is something that everyone needs to do if you want a successful blog. This however, is a skill. You need to understand the importance of interlinks, keyword research, (long tail keywords) and much more.

The problems presented above are actually quite minor beacause they can always be addressed. The real problems tend to lie within the blog itself, and the blog owner.

Lack of originality

This is the big offence. Some people love to just copy and paste content from other websites. There aren’t as many blogs standing out for originality as you might think. Lack of this also gives you less opportunity to become an ‘authority figure’ within your niche.

What can we do:

  • Find out common problems people are having in your niche and try to solve them
  • Always research and plan your articles before you begin to write them
  • Utilize Yahoo Answers and Google Trends to generate new ideas to write about
  • Write like your a human, not a robot (put down the thesaurus)
  • Get ideas from other blogs in you niche but NEVER EVER copy and paste!

Blog content

Content is kingThis is your blogs heart. Blogs without good content aren’t alive. You need to think of good topics, use good grammar, and catch the audience’s attention!

Some blogs are ‘jumpy’. These blogs aren’t focused and jump from one niche to another. Almost like a girl that can’t decide what to wear. Your blog may vary too, but hopefully not to the extreme that it’s a man today and a woman tomorrow. Your blog shouldn’t have an identity crisis. Try not to confuse people.

Let people know what your blog offers. Fun? Information? Something interesting? Be sure you have a core idea and theme so people know what they can expect from your blog.

Originality and writing good content are essential when creating a succesful blog. Concentrate on making these two things the main focus and all your blogging problems will eventually slip away!


Questions?If you have any questions or would like to add feedback on problems you have discovered while writing your blog please don’t hesitate to use the form below!

Thanks for reading!