Consumer Reviews

consumer reviewsA consumer review is generally an non persuaded or unbias take on anything from services to businesses right down to products and people themselves. 90 percent of reviews are written by the consumer. A person or group of people that have actually dealt with a business or service and/or have tried a certain product or service first hand.

Why do consumers feel the need to write reviews?

There are many reasons consumers are compelled to write a review on something.
The two most important being:

  • The consumer likes the product or service in question and wishes to let others know about their positive experience because they want to help others.
  • The consumer very much dislikes the product or service in question and wishes to let others know about their negative experience. Why? Mostly For the exact same reason. They want to help others!

That’s right! Most reviews are written because the consumer wants to help or warn other people. For this reason you will find all kinds of reviews strued across the internet and it’s up to you which ones you think are legitimate and ones you should just take with a grain of salt.

Scams or bias reviews

This area is tricky. With the internet being as vast and congested with information as it is, it’s extremely hard to differentiate the reviews that are legitimately written to help someone from the reviews that may be written to try and influence someone into performing an action they might not normally persue.

In my personal experience I have always searched reviews of products or services because I find them helpful. Who better to learn from than a consumer who is familiar with the product you’re interested in. If people didn’t trust reviews there wouldn’t be such websites as:

  • Angie’s List
  • Epinions
  • Consumer Affairs

These are just a few of the larger review sites out there but even huge corporations like Amazon always post reviews of their products whether their consumers are satisfied or not. I myself really enjoy this, and most reviews I read will tend to sway my decision as to whether or not I am going to take further action regarding a product, service or business. I find it’s kind of like trying something before you actually get to try it.

My goal regarding reviews…

As my personal knowledge progresses this website will follow. I will try and write comprehensive and detailed reviews on products, services, and people I come across that I believe will help or hinder us here at WealthFromHome. I will post these reviews (good or bad) in a drop down menu. If any are present, or published they will appear when you hover over the reviews tab at the top of this page.


Questions?As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask them below!