Affilorama Review

PRODUCT NAME: Affiloramaaffilorama review
Overall Ranking/100: 73
Price: free on basic membership,
$1 thirty day trial, $67 monthly,
$497 for three years + upsells
Owners: Mark Ling


Affilorama created by Mark Ling is a product that is devoted to help members learn affiliate marketing. This is another product that promises to hold your hand during your journey to online success.

The program basically gives its members training from beginner level to advance. It gives step-by-step procedures through videos and other tools. It offers support on website set-up and upgrades, including themes plugins etc.

The premium membership program offers four products with different purposes at variuos price ranges. The affiloBlueprint, affiloThemes, affiloJetpack, affiloTools are products mentioned above.

Affilorama is a legitimate product that is available and accessible to everyone. This is one of the few products out there that offers great tools and training. But there are a few flaws regarding the product tools, support system and the price. So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the product.




  • Easy to understand and follow. The instructions are user friendly especially for beginners.
  • There is a 3 year premium payment option which is more convenient.
  • The tools included in the product are of high quality, especially the videos.
  • It has a free membership and $1 first month pay for premium.
  • It gives you access to one of the leading affiliate programs out today.


  • Way overpriced. The other products from the premium membership also have a set of prices ranging from $97-$997.
  • The members community has no good interaction for “peer to peer tutorials”
  • Includes some misinformation because of some content and tools that are not updated.



I believe this is for people that are already making money. It is a good product that offers a great set of tools, but it’s just too pricey. Why offer so many upsells? Why can’t you just get everything when you decide to purchase premium?

This product is quite good for all levels, beginners, intermediate, advanced.

Beginners will surely learn how to create an online business. One of the products – AffiloJetpack, offers you a software that does almost everything for you at a very high cost. This can be good, because you will spend less time and effort. But you are missing out on the “how to” part of the business. It is good to know how to do everything on your own. Hard work and knowledge is what builds you and your business!


The product includes training and step-by-step procedures via videos. The material high quality and contains good content. They also offer other tools like site ranking apps and analysis tools.

They also give members bootcamp videos. I must say that the videos are good from the basics to the advanced marketing strategies.

You also get access to PLR (Private Label Rights) content. These are writings with proper copyright that you can use in your website. This makes things easier but not nearly as good. It is much better to write your own unique, quality content. It will rank a lot better and it will help you create a brand for your website.



There is a support group that you can contact for any questions or concerns. It is fairly fast but nothing special. You can also contact Mark Ling (creator) but responses are far and few between.



If there is one major problem with this product, it’s really the price.

They have a free membership, but it’s very limited.

The premium membership fee is $67 per month, but you can get it for $1 on the first month. I think anything over $50/month is too much. You can’t promise everyone that they will make money in their first few months so maintaining this membership fee can be a problem for newbies. (but if they are capable of paying then, it is okay)

They also have a $497 for three years subscription which only costs around $14 per month. This to me is better and much more affordable.

The upsells:

  • AffiloBlueprint$197, then $67 per month

This package includes a number of videos about affiliate marketing, how to gain traffic, SEO etc. It also includes some WordPress themes.

This is not added to the premium membership so you need to purchase if you want it.

  • AffiloThemes$97

This package includes WordPress themes which you can utilize, along with some instructions on how to use them and a free domain hosting.

  • AffiloJetpack $497

This package provides you the 5 niches that you will create sites about. It includes the Affilotheme Pack (above), 20 PLR articles, graphics for your niche and some newsletters for each niche.



Affilorama is legitimate and it offers good training, support and tools for affiliate marketing. It is created by an expert with a good reputation. This is not a scam. The product will definitely help you and guide you into the world of affiliate marketing . There are just some minor issues in their tools and training and a huge let down is the price. It has so many upsells that it can cost you over a thousand dollars if you want the entire package and who doesn’t?

You should definitley think of your budget before getting into this program. If you are interested in something that offers more training and better support for a much lower (all in premium) price I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.


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