Bring The Fresh Review

PRODUCT NAME: Bring the Freshbring the fresh review
Overall Ranking/100: 73
Price: $7 trial – $89 for lifetime + upsells
Owners: Kelly Felix



Internet and income seem to go hand in hand these days. You can earn serious money using just your laptop and internet connection. That is why there are so many of these tutorial products and memberships popping up these days.

But today we are going to take a closer look at a product that has been around for five years now. It was created by Kelly Felix and with a 200,000 member community he has dubbed it Bring the Fresh or BTF.

So what is BTF? It is a membership program set up to build, rank and monetize a website. It provides a software with easy step-by-step procedures on building a website and providing training and webinars for you to learn how to make money online, including affiliate marketing.


All you need to do is sign up for the membership, pay their fee and follow the instructions. Most of them are in video format which is super easy for anyone to understand. There are also pdf files attached for all the specifics.

The program will help you create a website but you still obviously need to pay for your domain. Aside from the training it will give you a chance to join forums which will give you a chance to meet other members so you can also learn from them as well.



  • Easy step-by-step procedure
  • Money back guarantee
  • the software is intended for beginners, very easy to follow
  • Lifetime one-time payment option available


  • No free trial.
  • Many upsells
  • Promises big income in a short period of time.



Experience wise, Bring the Fresh is made for beginners. It’s mainly for people who don’t have much experience in affiliate marketing and creating websites. The ease of use makes it possible for the newbies to make good websites in short periods of time. Many marketing experts also use BTF and and claim that it has help with their developed businesses as well on their.

This is for visual learners that enjoy step-by-step procedures through videos which I myself prefer.


The training in BTF is quite good. It’ll walk you through the basics and advanced ways regarding earning money online. You just need to pay attention on some of the advanced training and tools that are offered. The course will teach you how to create articles and link builders. There are also tools that will help you generate traffic.

The videos will give you all the procedures that you need to follow. You just need to copy them. It is promised that you can make a website in just a few hours after following the videos. If you are a quick learner that can follow direction I believe this statement to be accurate.


The support queries are directed to customer service page straight from the site. There is also a page the most common FAQ’s. Apart from that, they have a member’s forum that has active members which are helpful and are willing to share knowledge and expertise (just like Wealthy Affiliate) which is a plus in my books. You can contact Kelly for some serious questions and concerns, but not everyone gets to hear back from him.


Bring the Fresh does not have a free trial. The trial period costs $7. If you decide to go and choose the membership offer it is $37. After that you will find bunch of other upsells that you need to purchase for you to access the website.

You can also opt for the $89 lifetime offer. The thing is, once you’re in, there still are many upsells that you will find. Remember before you purchase this $89, not everything iis included. Some of the upsells costs $197 (this is the Project Profits product).

There is also a package that will promise to give you a high-ranking website and all its components all for $1000. It states that it will surely bring your site to Googles’ first page, but according to some users, their websites did not appear in the first 10 pages.

Bring the Fresh is a good course, but it lures you into a cheap start and makes you purchase pricey upsells. If you decide to join BTF do not buy the upsells that you do not need, especially if you are a beginner.


Bring the Fresh is a product that gives you easy to follow software for the affiliate marketing essentials (websites, keywords and other tools). It also offers good trainin and webinars that are helpful for beginners.

It is legitimate course. The only downside is the pricey upsells. The page is also bombarded with advertisements that can become extremely annoying.

If you are looking for an entire community such as BTF with the same amount of members but a FREE trial and much lower costs I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.


Questions?If you have any questions or feedback regarding this review or you have used BTF as well in the past please feel free to leave your comments in the box below this page.