Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

PRODUCT NAME: Coffee Shop Millionairecoffee shop millionaire review
Overall Ranking/100: 42
Price: $37 per month + upsells
Owners: Anthony Trister



Coffee shop millionaire, a product by Anthony Trister promises to earn you millions just by sitting in a coffee shop chillin’ out on your laptop. Sounds good right? Before we get too excited, let’s take a closer look into CSM and what it has to offer.

What is Coffee Shop Millionaire about?

Coffee shop Millionaire is a membership product with a main focus of teaching the members the basics of internet marketing, SEO, email and video marketing as well as local marketing.

They provide training and teach you techniques within the different fields mentioned. They present the information through 7-8min videos. Once you begin, you receive access to 12 videos containing the training modules. You will then be instructed to create a website of your own. Be aware that the domain hosting is not included in your membership so you will have to pay extra which is a very minor detail. CSM does offer to create a website for you, but of course it’s an obvious upsell.

What to find in the members area

  • Cash machines (local, newsletter, article and video)
  • Million dollar launch system
  • Skill set videos
  • Tech tutorials
  • Rolodex section
  • 21k system
  • Six figure secrets club (upsell)
  • VIP access (upsell)



  • Offers different strategies and techniques of which you can choose from to develop at your own pace
  • Money back guarantee
  • Some of the strategies and trainings are very helpful and actually do work


  • No particular flow. The members, especially the beginners will be overwhelmed if they don’t have knowledge in online marketing
  • Too many upsells
  • You won’t earn millions in a coffee shop
  • Poor support system
  • No free trial, or cheaper trial payment option



Coffee Shop Millionaire is for people who want to venture into pulling profits online. Outside looking in, this should be for people that have some previous background in online marketing. Beginners can learn if they do not get overwhelmed but there really is no step by step procedure.

Even some members will tell you its not really for beginners. If you have some knowledge and wants to enhance it, then CSM will help you.



There is a starter set of videos so you can get a feel of what the membership is about. They also provide training for the different cash machines that they offer. The cash machines focus on 4 different possible techniques to earn money. Great idea, but they are quite vague and don’t offer a lot of depth.

There are also tech tutorials for yours and other websites. You also get a training for the 21k system that “teaches” you how to earn 21k in 21days.



CSM has a very poor support system. They have a phone and email contact system which is not very useful. Their Facebook page is not active which tells you there are many questions left unanswered.

You will have a hard time contacting anyone. Especially Anthony (creator). A lot of complaints are directed toward their money back guarantee which is very difficult get.



The cost is $37 per month. CSM does not have a free trial or a cheaper yearly subscription. You will also need to pay for your website, domain name and hosting ($100). You can create a better website for less just by searching and learning on YouTube.

If you opt to purchase the Six Figure Success Club, it cost $297 and along with many other upsells that CSM is affiliated with.


Coffee Shop Millionaire is a membership site that offers training and tools for internet marketing. It does offer some good techniques.

Not advisable for beginners with no experience or knowledge in internet marketing. It will however, help people with prior knowledge, or anyone looking for help to boost their online business.

Poor support system so be advised that you may not get answers right away. (or ever)

The monthly cost is relatively cheap, but there are  a lot of upsells that I have made you aware of. Just remember those before joining. Do not let CSM build your website. If you want step by step video instruction free of charge I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.


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