FBInfluence Review

Overall Ranking/100: 74
Price: $97+ upsells and continuity offers
Owners: Amy Porterfield, Sean Malarkey
Website: www.fbinfluence.com



FB Influence is a social media marketing strategy that aims to guide people and business owners on how to maximize the use of Facebook in online marketing.

Facebook is the champion of all social media platforms present today. It is the best media source in which to cultivate a business. With billions of users logging in on their computers and smartphones daily, there is no question of its possibilities.

Amy Porterfield (co-creator) is a successful marketing strategist that has worked with some very well-known entrepreneurs and businessmen. Porterfield having a great deal of knowledge in the social media platform in question also co-authored the book “Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies”. She is no question a real expert in the field.

Together with partner Sean Malarkey, they developed 4 sets of modules with 5 videos that each last for 25 minutes. Each module also offers a PDF transcript, PowerPoint slide presentation, Cliff notes, and an mp3 file. It also has a bonus of PDF’s on marketing strategies, good posts, and full access to their Facebook Group exclusive to it’s members.


It will mainly help you develop a fan site on Facebook for your business. Coach you on how to create the site, what to post, auto-response system for comments, links to your blogs, news articles etc., and a sell program to help you start up and develop a community for your products on Facebook.

It promises to drive traffic, develop your brand, gain lots of likes, shares, and comments from thousands of Facebook users which could then turn into potential profit.




  • Very easy to use and understand, even for beginners.
  • The videos are concise and not a waste of time.
  • The videos are based on step by step procedures, you can learn at a pace that you want and you can go back anytime.
  • Offers 100% money back guarantee if you have proven it doesn’t work for you for 60 days.
  • Allows easy progress and smooth transitions in developing a fan site.
  • Has bonus PDF files for added tips and pointers.


  • Pricey. The membership fee of $97 dollars isn’t always managable, plus all the upsells that confront you when you decide to become a member.
  • Some of the information is available online for free.



FB Influence is for business owners who need a convenient tool in boosting their business presence on Facebook. It can be used by almost anyone, from beginner to advance business owners.



The training and tools are the modules that you purchase with the main course plus the bonuses, add-ons, and upsells if you choose to buy them.



The support program is good, although you won’t get in touch with Amy and Sean personally. The Facebook Group also tries to help each other within the community and in forums.



$97 with upsells and other charges.



FB influence is a legitimate website that offers training through videos for using Facebook as a marketing tool. Owned by an expert on Facebook marketing Amy Porterfield, it is reliable, easy and very effective to use. It is recommended for small businesses, no matter if you are starting out or have been in the industry for a long time. It offers convenience, but the downside are the charges and, some of the information and strategies on the videos are available online for free.

If you want convenience and you got extra cash, don’t hesitate to purchase the product. If you want a free community you can join today have your questions answered immediatley I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.


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