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PRODUCT_NAME: iPoll (formerly Survey Head) iPoll Review
Overall Ranking/100: 61
Price: free
Owners: Matt Dusig and Gregg Lavin


Online surveys are one of the many ways to earn extra money on the internet. This is the easiest platforms for generating profits. You do not need a skill, experience or particular educational degree. It is open to almost every individual that has access to the internet.

iPoll, formerly known as Survey Head is one of the leading survey sites on the internet. This is a market research site that pays people to participate in online surveys. It is one of the largest and widely used survey websites since 2009 that has paid millions of dollars to its subscribers. It is a legitimate website and accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

It pays through cash on PayPal or gift cards from Amazon, Visa, or magazine subscriptions. Gift cards can have the value of $10 minimum to $200 max. You can also donate to various institutions from your earnings also if you wish.

This website has assisted a lot of companies worldwide through their surveys, and also a good number of people who participated.  Joining is easy and free that’s why many individuals are signing up. Most surveys take 15 minutes to complete, the pay depends on the kind of survey that you participate in.

How it works?

You need to sign up and create an account. After that, there will be surveys that you will be asked to participate in. The surveys are matched and chosen depending on your profile, professional history, and your geographic and demographic profile. You then get compensation on every survey that you accomplish. You can request for a cash out through PayPal or get gift cards.

You need to fulfill an income quota before you can request a cash out and for you to claim their sign-up bonus.



  • Free sign-up.
  • Has a $5.00 welcome bonus.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Ages 17 years and above can start using it.
  • It is available almost worldwide.
  • Competitive pay for surveys.


  • Few surveys available, some are very gender and age specific. Some surveys, even if you are qualified will tell you that they already got the number of respondents that they need. It’s really a game of chance.
  • High earning threshold before you can request for payment and for you to claim the welcome bonus. You need to earn $10.00 before you can actually claim your survey money, and $25 before you can claim your welcome bonus.
  • You have to wait 5 weeks (or more) before you can receive your requested money on PayPal.

Who Is It For?

iPoll is for everyone 17 years and above. You do not need particular experience or skills, though it matches you up to the right surveys by using your basic demographic and geographic information and your professional history.

It is for everyone that wants extra cash and has spare time. You can do the surveys anytime, anywhere. It is available worldwide. However, there will be places where there is a small possibility of getting surveys.

The surveys are from certain companies and they target certain groups of people from a certain places, ages, and other history. Though it appears that this is for everyone, chances are, some people will get more surveys than others because they will fit the surveys’ needed requirements better. People often complain about the number of surveys that they have without realizing why.

Any kind of online survey company can behave like this, not everyone will  fit all requirements. Patience is needed, and try not rely on surveys to generate a fixed income.


No training provided.



Though they have an email address for their customer service, from the feedback on my research, iPoll is really hard to reach. You won’t get responses quickly or perhaps not even receive a response at all. Even the Facebook page that they have is not ver friendly.

They have a couple cases filed through BBB but I not every complaint is registered due to the fact that some people don’t properly know how to file a complaint. BBB and ClickLink are the websites where you can formally lay any concerns if they arise.


It is free and won’t charge you for anything to sign-up or participating in surveys.


iPoll (Survey Head) is a legit, free survey website that offers good compensation rates for the respondents. People should understand that online surveys are conveyed as “easy money” so they should not be focused on for instant or regular income. I recommend signing with multiple survey sites to have a better chance of earning more. Respondents must dedicate a good amount of time and patience for them to see good results.


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