Pure Leverage Review

PRODUCT NAME: Pure Leveragepure leverage review
Overall Ranking/100: 34
Price: $24.95/month plus upgrade payments and upsells
Owners: Joel Therien
Website: www.pureleverage.com


Pure leverage, owned by Joel Therien is another MLM system that claims you too can be a millionaire just like its creator. This product will first get you by showing you what you can “possibly earn”. They will show you fancy cars, a beautiful house, and fat bank statements containing several digits just by purchasing their products.

What this product includes

Upon joining Pure Leverage you will receive a blog, an auto-responder for emails, video email and a webinar platform. It also provides you with an affiliate program but the main way for you to earn money from this product is to promote Pure Leverage itself. You need to recruit as many members as you can get. You will then get paid commissions from these recruits.



  • The membership fee is reasonable
  • Offers good comprehensive training


  • Many tools and features that are listed are “coming soon”.
  • The 100% commission rate is only for a limited time
  • Expect TONS of emails EVERY DAY from Therien
  • Customer service is sub par



This is for people who want to earn money using the MLM scheme (Multi Level Marketing). If you want to have any kind of success you need to persuade people to buy Pure Leverage itself. If you purchase this product and decide that you believe in it and it will actually help others then this product may be something you should look into.



  • The A-to-Z home study course are materials which you can use at your own pace. This is the main training system offered  by Pure Leverage.
  • Elite Coaching Program– this training helps you get more customers/traffic. Basically, it is a coaching course on how to recruit more members. This course is for prospecting and teaches you how to turn prospects into customers.
  • Easy Lead flow-Lead capture system– this tool will communicate with your prospects and send them information and invitations via email. This tool will save you time and effort in your campaigns for growing your business.

This all sounds great but the downside is that everything is pre-written. This omits your own personal touch in your websites and product campaigns. A good blog owner and product promoter wants to handle these things personally to instill authenticity and trust with your prospects.

  • Turbo Traffic Generation-this tool claims to drive the traffic that you want for your website/blog. Unfortunately this tool focuses on ‘buying’ traffic. Before you buy any traffic you must have a good quality website, and the best content that you can offer. Pure Leverage just focuses on getting the traffic, not how to tie it all together.
  • Video Email Service– this is a tool that teaches you to make video emailsthat will be sent to your team (your uplines and downlines or your prospects) I personally like this tool and find video emails to be much more engaging than their written conterparts. The only thing is, the training only revolves around promoting Pure Leverage.
  • Live meeting rooms– this a tool that will help you communicate with your team face-to-face. I like this idea but they are adding a cost of $49/ per month. When Joel created this I think he mat have forgotten that everyone has heard of free video communication software called Skype!



Joel Therein will never forget to send you “urgent” emails about ‘something’. But the support program in Pure Leverage is what some members refer to as a mini-online fighting arena.

He states that the customer service will most definitely help you but in hindsight there are some issues with the support system and if you choose to raise your concerns publicly be prepared.



One advantage of this course is that it’s affordable, but the truth is, it’s all just a front. For you to get everything you need, you must upgrade your account, and this means paying a lot more than you think.

The initial price is $24.95/month. It includes the initial training and tools. If you want to be an affiliate and resell the product, you need to add $19.95/ month for a total of $44.95/ month. And the best way to make money from them is to become an affiliate, so there is no way around adding that additional $19.95.

So in essence, you need to pay more to earn more. The VIP program is a membership where you can earn ‘even more’ and get advanced training and tools. This program costs a whopping $97 per month for a total of $141.90 per month! You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see where this is going.



This product offers some good training. But it only trains you to promote the product itself. For people who like MLM strategy I can’t recommend it because of the upgraded payments. I think that the product should include everything in one low price. I’ve never liked being lured in and then taken advantage of and I’m sure most of you don’t either.

If you are looking for a product that will teach you how to successfully promote whatever you like with no hidden costs and a helpful community of over 200,000 members I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate.


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