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PRODUCT NAME: Slice the Pie
Overall Ranking/100: 42
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slice the pie review


No doubt, music brings life. It is something that everyone loves. It is impossible for someone not to know a single song in the course of their lifetime. That’s why people nowadays are always searching for fresh tunes from great artists.

Slice the pie is a website where you can have the chance to critique newly released songs. It is basically a website that reviews songs. You help newer artists understand if their songs sre good enough for the world to hear. In return, you get paid.

This is another one of the many opportunities to make money online. Before you get too excited, slice the pie does not pay large amounts but it does pay. For those who are wondering, yes it is legit and yes they will pay.

How it works:

You create a free account. They will get your location along with some other details then you start reviewing songs. It's just that easy.

You will need to do two things after listening to the songs supplied

  1. Write a comprehensive review about the whole song, the voice of the artist, the melody, lyrics, tone, beat etc. It is essential that you be descriptive. They need as much information as they can get to help the artists.
  2. Rate the song from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.

Your pay will be based on how you rate the songs, how descriptive your review is, and if it coincides with the songs given. It starts at $0.20 per review but can go up to $0.50 depending to your reviews. Okay, like I said earlier, you're not going to have big paydays. You can literally review for over an hour and only make $4 or $5.

This website is NOT for people looking to get rich. This is for people who possess a real taste for music and treat the compensation as a bonus.





  1. Free sign-up
  2. Easy to do and understand
  3. You can hear music that is brand new and not yet mainstream.
  4. It can be fun for music lovers
  5. Pays via PayPal


  1. It pays very little
  2. You need to be very knowledgeable in music to write great reviews
  3. Location demographics can be a problem for song distribution
  4. It can take a while to make enough money to get a payout


 It is for people in perfect locations with good taste in music and good writing skills.


 No training tools provided.


 The support is par. They can be reached via email and they give prompt notifications about the reviews you submit.


 It is free and open to everyone.


 Slice the pie is a website that asks members to review new songs with written reviews and overall ranking. It is free and open to everyone. It is legit and pays thru PayPal. It gives you the chance to earn approximately $4-$5 per hour of reviewing depending on your performance as a critic.

Final verdict -- it is a cool site for the music lovers out there but there are better opportunities to earn money online. If music is something that you enjoy, try Slice That Pie. But I think you will be disappointed in the length of time you need to spend just to earn a few dollars.



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