Top 10 FREE Website Hosting Reviews

top 10 free web hosting reviews

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Whether you have a brick and mortar business in the outside world, you want to start your own online business, or you simply want to create a blog for personal use - the most important thing you need in this day and age to get the exposure you want is a website.

Many people who don't know the first thing about creating a website are probably quite apprehensive in regards to the actual 'building' part simply because they are unsure of what it actually intails. Many years ago when the internet was first born, building a website was extremely hard for the average person that didn't know a lot about computers.

It consisted of knowing css, html code, binary language and a bunch of other stuff that I still don't have a clue about today. Fast forward 20 years to present day and we are the lucky ones that don't need to know that stuff.  Websites can now be built with a few clicks of a mouse and be altered via templates and building tools insead of code and other garble which really makes it a blessing in disguise.

But in order to have a website live and on the internet it needs to live somewhere. It needs a host if you will. Which brings me to the meat and potatoes of this article. Below I will list what I believe to be the top 10 free website hosts. These hosts all support (in some way) the templates and tools mentioned above to build your first website and house it for free! I have also created a full page article at free websites-free domain names if you would like to learn more!

 Top 10 FREE Website Hosting Reviews

1.Site Rubix


SiteRubix As you can see SiteRubix ranks at the top of my list simply because of the ease of website creation and the ongoing support you get. This state of the art free hosting differs from any other in that is partnered along with a very powerful online community known as Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate LogoA free membership into this community not only gets you one but 2 free hosted websites and domains (WordPress platform) and you also get access to video training, classrooms, member support, and live chat if you ever get lost and need a helping hand.

I love building free websites, and WordPress would have made it to the top of my list had it came with the support and community that SiteRubix offers. SiteRubix also gives you piece of mind. If you wish to migrate your website to a paid domain and hosting you can do so at anytime. But I can guarantee you won't leave the community!

SiteRubix only utilizes the WordPress platform to build your sites and this partnership is why it claims such a high ranking. Worpress is reviewed next and everything you read there you'll get with SiteRubix. Including full functionality on your WordPress site.



WordpressIn my personal opinion any website or blog should be built with the WordPress platform. A poll was completed at the beginning of this year (2015) and out of the TOP 10 million websites on the Internet a whopping 24% were built using wordpress! They now boast over 60 million websites in total  across the world wide web.

The ease of use of WordPress is a statement to its popularity. All you need to get going is a choice of theme (look and functionality) for your website and start adding your content.  There are thousands upon thousands of free themes to choose from. Of course themes can be altered for personal preference or you can just switch to a entire new theme without losing any of your content to see how it looks. If you like it,  activate it. That's it! It's just that simple.

And if one click themes didn't make it easy enough to use WordPress, the introduction of 'Plug ins' were released around 2004. Plug ins allow you to further your websites capability and features without needing to know any html code or css. There are now over 30,000 free plug ins you can upload into Worpress to get your website performing exactly how you wish!

The only drawback to WordPress' free hosting is that you are limited to certain features and only get access to more of the basic tools. That is why SiteRubix (above) is the best way to go if you want to unlock WordPress' full potential while still getting a free domain name and hosting.


Freehostia offers a free hosting platform as well as low monthly fee accounts. They have 5 main accounts to choose from that boast some unique and unforgettable names for a hosting company. The account names are as follows:
Freehostia chocolate account

  • Chocolate (free)
  • Watercircle
  • Lovebeat
  • Wild honey
  • Supernatural

As you can see above the Chocolate platform is their free hosting account. They do have a site building tool in which you can build a nice looking website. They also have around 45 web applications that allow you to do one click installs such as WordPress, Joomla etc.

Not many of the free hosting accounts allow you to have an email associated but Freehostia lets you have up to 3 which is a nice surprise. They also have email and live chat support which is also a nice touch when no money is exchanged.


One of the nice things about Wix is that it has an array of templates as well. Sort of like the theme options in WordPress. It supports a nice drag and drop tool that allows you to create professional looking websites, a Facebook page or even an html5 website.

Free Hosting with wix

You can definitely get a beautiful designed website from Wix but there are a few downsides. You can't have any emails associated with the account and they don't have live chat or email support. Also if you're thinking of moving your website to a paid host and domain name down the road Wix probably shouldn't be the free hosting account you should use.

5. Blogger

BloggerDoes anyone remember hearing about  Blogspot? Well Blogspot is now called Blogger. A blogging platform that is owned by Google. If you are looking to house a blog this is the place for you, but if you or wanting a full functioning website you need to focus more at the top of this list.

The nice thing about Blogger being owned by Google is that they will give you site stats and some analytics such as visitors to your blog etc. Google adsense is already integrated into the platform as well so if your blog ranks well you can begin to earn some income from Google's ads.You do get unlimited disk storage and bandwidth with Blogger but you can not upload files, and there is no live chat or email support with this platform.

6. Weebly

Weebly logo
Weebly has a nice drag and drop platform that is quite easy to use. On most free hosting sites a lot of the blogs have a sort of repetitious look in that it is hard for people to understand different ways that they can make their blog stand out. With Weebly's building tools this is not the case.

Another nice feature Weebly offers is an import/export feature that allows you to back up your work. Weebly does also offer unlimited disk and bandwidth storage with its free hosting account but that's about it. Weebly offers minimal support with the free account and doesn't check many other boxes. Click on the screen shot below to see what Weebly's free hosting offers you.

Weebly screenshot7. Google Sites

Google SitesWell, you've got to hand it to Google. They always seem to want to give you options and be a happy consumer. Obviously like Blogger Google Sites is owned by Google. But unlike Blogger this platform is geared more toward the development of actual websites instead of blogs.

Like most other free hosting sites they do integrate nice templates and tools that do allow you build good looking websites that can house lists, tables and other various business essentials. But like Blogger you can't upload your own files and another downside to Google sites is there is a limit on disk storage and bandwidth. There is no live chat support and because you cant upload files your website will have serious limitations.

8. Webnode

Webnode also has a nice user interface and some very nice stylish templates you can work with. But Webnode Logounlike some other hosts above, you only get access to a few hundred themes instead of many thousands and sometimes the nicest websites come down to personal choice of the look.

Another nice thing with Webnode is they allow you to embed videos and don't display ads on your website, but a couple downsides is that there is no support or live chat and they have limits on their disk space and bandwidth. You also aren't able to integrate email accounts but you are able to migrate your website with Webnodes which I find to be a major plus.

9. Yola

Yola Free HostingYola is a very basic kind of stripped down version of free web hosting. As you can see in the image it only provides you with a max of 3 pages, 1GB of bandwidth and 1 GB of storage. You don't need a degree in computer programming to know that you won't get too far with those numbers.

That being said Yola does allow you to embed videos and even integrate such things as Google maps and schedulers. There are few free hosting websites that allow you to do that. Another bonus to Yola is like many custom themes in Worpress, Yola will give you the tools to optimize your site so it is mobile friendly. This will help in search rankings as your site gets more established and ages.

Yola does have email support and if this review dealt with paid hosting instead of free hosting Yola would rank a lot higher on this list. But as you can see the numbers in the image above are just too 'thin' and Yola's free account seems to serve as a gateway to upgrade.


Webs also has a very convenient drag and drop interface that makes it very easy to have a beautiful website live in a short period of time. Another thing unique to Webs is that it offers a sort of 'plugin' or 'app' store which means you can integrate various tools on to your site (limited to five).

Webs does provide email and app support but the free account would only cater to someone looking to build a smaller website as its limited to ten pages and you will then need to upgrade. Storage and bandwidth are also limited.

Webs is easier than some to get started with and does have a lot of options that I do like but as I said before this is a free web hosting review and the free account just seems like another gateway to upgrade.

Overall Summary


free web hosting reviews graphI hope this free web host review was helpful and shared some insight on the various hosting websites that are out there.

If you are looking for a FREE full functioning website with access to thousands of templates, plugins, live chat, video tutorials, Q&A chat, member support then my suggestion would be SiteRubix. That is where this website was born and I know you won't be dissappointed!



Questions?As always if you have any questions about the article above or you want to share some of your favorite free web hosts that are not listed here please do so using the box below!