Viral Money Magnet Review

viral money magnet reviewProduct Name: Viral Money Magnet

Owners: Matthew Neer/Travis Stephenson
Price: $29.95 – Starter membership
Level: Beginner to advanced
Rank/100: (94) Overall Score


Viral Money ImageViral Money Magnet is the brainchild of creators Matthew Neer and Travis Stephenson. The basic concept of this software is to utilize the power of viral content (Youtube videos) etc. and harness the natural traffic they receive to make money.

The software revolves around a viral syndication website that is hosted by Viral Money Magnet which means you don’t have to buy a domain name, or create and host a website of your own in order for you to earn commissions.

When you become a member of Viral Money Magent, you’ll receive access into the back end of the software which allows you to post any viral content you see fit on a personalized web page of your own. (ex. Youtube videos with high view count.)

On each of your personal pages you can place your own affiliate links, adsense code, cpa offers even lead capture pages – whatever you desire and want your FREE traffic to experience. Pages only take minutes to create and obviously the more pages you publish, the more exposure you will receive, and the more money you will make. It will all eventually compound on itself.

Don’t forget about the thousands of other members who are doing the same thing on the same platform. You can imagine the kind of traffic free traffic this can bring. If another member’s video brings traffic to the site, they in turn may see your post and decide to click on it. When this happens, they will see the offers you are promoting thus you will have the potential to earn money from that visitor! Also, as a bonus – every video that is published is automatically published on a unique viral Facebook page the creators have  set up as well. Can you see how this can generate free traffic? I have placed some images below so you have a better understanding…

Viral Money Magnet Review Homepage

Your Personal Page

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Pros And Cons of Viral Money Magnet


  • pros and cons of working from homeThere is ample video training inside the software showing you exactly where to put your ad codes and set up your pages in minutes
  • The cost is extremely cheap to get started with the basic membership
  • They provide an ‘easy‘ button at an extra cost that locates proven viral content for you
  • Once your affiliate links and/or ad codes are saved it is extremely fast and easy to publish more of your personal pages to the website
  • There are no monthly payments or fees after purchase
  • You do not need a website or any hosting package


  • There are some upsells but most are cheap and worth buying

Who Can Benefit From This Product?

I believe that anyone from newbie marketer to advanced marketer would be able to benefit from Viral Money Magnet simply because of it’s growing potential and ease of use.

Is There Support?

supportAt the time of this review Viral Money Magnet had just been launched. I had purchased it solely to see its content and what it had to offer so I could gather some opinions for this review. I have ended up using the software myself but have not yet had to contact support. However they do offer a support email at

Overall Summary

My overall opinion on the Viral Money Magnet System is that it is a good buy for anyone that would like an easy way to get more exposure to certain offers and earn more commisions. This is just the beginning of the potential that this kind of software can unleash. The more members that this system aquires, the more viral content will be published and therefore more traffic it will accumulate. The low initial cost and no monthly fees are a bonus, while the hidden community within the system ends up helping each other drive more traffic and make more money.

Viral Money Magnet Review ChartProduct Name: Viral Money Magnet

Owners: Matthew Neer/Travis Stephenson
Price: $29.95 – Starter membership
Level: Beginner to advanced
Rank/100: (94) Overall Score


Questions?As always if you have any questions or comments on the VMM system please don’t hesitate to leave them in the box below!

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