Wealthy Affiliate Member Review

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewCommunity Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Access: WealthyAffiliate.com
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: FREE – Starter membership
Level: Beginner to advanced
Rank/100: (98) Overall Score

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community dedicated to internet marketing and making money online.It consists of tens of thousands of members that all seem to have one thing in common.They all want to learn how to make money online as a whole and help each other succeed! I can honestly say that I have never come across such a friendly, outgoing  and knowledgeable community and I’m not sure I will again anytime soon.

The Wealthy Affiliate community really is a one stop shop for all your needs regarding internet marketing and making money online. Whether you’re a newbie who is just starting out in the business or an expert that is already creating online income, Wealthy Affiliate is the community you want to be a part of.

Providing video tutorials, classrooms and live chat Wealthy Affiliate makes sure you can never be lost at anytime while creating your online businesses. They have search bars that will provide answers to thousands of questions. You can also ask real time questions and have them answered by other members in the community, or the founders of the website literally within minutes.

SiteRubixThe community boasts a state of the art hosting platform where you can house your websites free of charge and offers push button software that can get your website live and online in less than 30 seconds.

All you have to do is pick the theme of your site, start adding content and be well on your way to start making money. If you are interested in a website, there is a free direct gateway in my sidebar to help you get started!

That’s just the beginning! They also have keyword tools, writing tools, traffic software, community blogging and sharing platforms, the list goes on. I can honestly say I have spent a good amount of money trying to find products that would help me succeed in this business, but this is the only one I have faith in and have seen real results from. I think it’s mostly because of the fact that this is not a ‘product’ it’s more like an ongoing learning platform. A ‘University’ if you will.

Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate



  • pros consUnlimited amounts of video training, classrooms, and courses
  • Thousands of experienced members that WANT TO HELP
  • 2 FREE websites with FREE hosting for the FREE starter membership
  • Kyle & Carson (Founders) interact on a daily basis
  • Live chat with experienced members
  • spam free platform (zero tolerance for spammers)


Postive attributesAs an active premium member of this community, I have been searching for downsides to this membership for this review. In an article one of the co-founders quoted “I am constantly searching for ways to upgrade and improve the community.” In my opinion I believe that to be a great task in itself even though I realize nothing can be perfect.


Who can benefit from this community?


I have found that WA caters to everyone from complete newbie status to the expert advanced stage. I have personally met and interacted with people that made their first dollar online with this community and have since experienced the freedom to leave their jobs and work full time from home.


Is there support?

supportIn my opinion the guidance and support you receive from the WA community is second to none. Not only do you get support from other members, but the owners (Kyle & Carson) are more than happy to help with advice and questions as well.

It doesn’t stop with questions either. The support goes into the technical aspect as well when you host your free websites with them. 24/7 support is something you can expect at no cost from Wealthy Affiliate.

Starter Membership: FREE
Premium Membership: $47/month or save @ $359/year

There’s not too many things you can get for free these days. Wealthy Affiliate’s starter membership gives you access to their community and includes 2 free websites hosted on their state of the art platform at absolutely no charge to you with no catches.

If you are interested in getting all the perks, the premium membership consists of:

    • Keyword tools
    • Writing tools
    • Live classroom training
    • Certification courses
    • Websites and hosting (unlimited with premium)
    • Ability to private message owners & other members for support

All this and so much more on the inside!


Overall Summary

In my personal experience of being an active member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have found it refreshing to have finally come across something that is truly going to teach us how to make money online! In my opinion this community gets two thumbs up across the board. And with free access it is a no brainer to try it for yourself and see if it’s something that will suit your needs going forward in this business. If you want to learn more there is a video I posted in my sidebar. If you would like to become a member just click the link below

WealthyCommunity Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Access: WealthyAffiliate.com
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: FREE – Starter membership
Level: Beginner to advanced
Rank/100: (98) Overall Score


Questions?As always if any of you have questions or feedback regarding this review or you are a member and would like to share your personal experience, please utilize the comment box at the bottom of this page!

Good luck to you all!