Creating a Brand for Your Blog

Creating a BrandWhen you hear the word ‘Starbucks’, it hits your mind instantly… coffee. When you hear someone say ‘McDonald’s’, there is no exception – you think of delicious burgers, fries, nuggets etc. This familiarity does’nt happen effortlessly. These companies built it, conceptualized it, and gave it a heart. This is known as ‘Branding’.

What is a brand? In the simplest definition, a brand is a name, term, design or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from others. We are exposed to millions of brands every day. Some we already know, and some we don’t, but I assure you they are trying their best to change that.

Blog branding is something that a blogger must visualize and develop. Developing a brand for your blog or anything in general, gives people a promise or commitment of what can be offered.

When you have a good, developed brand, it’s like ‘being’ a wine made from the finest grapes. You want people to know you and develop trust on anything that you offer. People always sway toward branded products because they are confident in the quality and know they are getting the best of what is offered.

Blog branding is not so different from branding in the outside world. So, how can we create a brand for a blog?

You must convey a solid message

messageBlogs are seen mainly for the content. Do you have a message for people? Can you help them? Is it something that people can learn from?

Note that the most well known blogs are ones that offer people help, tips, and information. People also keep coming back to entertaining blogs, ones that are funny and send out good vibes. Some that offer reviews of products and services are also very popular. Readers like blogs that are unique in their own way but common in others.

Whatever your blog is about, make sure whatever you write gives visitors a clear idea of the topic you’re explaining. You don’t want them staring into a shallow puddle of words. A solid, strong message creates identity, and that increases your brand. Remember that you are giving them a promise as to what you’re offering and they need to see that.

Your logo and name must be perfect

This is the face of your Blog, be sure that it stands out!

Choosing a name is something that you should think about for a moment. Consider these questions:

  • What are you writing about?
  • What message are you conveying?
  • Is this name unique?
  • Will the name explain briefly what the blog is about?
  • Will my readers like this?
  • Is the domain name available?

Not everyone wants to use a logo, but if you do make it relevant but simple. Choose and think of something that is easily recognized and one that goes hand and hand with your blogs name. Choose colors that are easy to distinguish and not too harsh to the eye. Be sure the logo tells a little about your blog. This can be tricky, but if you pull it off, you’ll reap the rewards. Try and make it so when someone sees your logo they instantly think of your blog.


ConsistencyThink of a certain message and stay with it. You don’t want your readers to take so many paths they can’t enjoy what’s on the way. Instead, choose one path and let them soak up all that the journey has to offer.

It can be hard to achieve consistency within ablog. Not just in the content but on the publishing dates, the themes, and the interaction with your readers. What you need is a well laid out plan and focus. All of this must be consistent and follow certain guidelines. This will make your readers more familiar with your blog and the topics you write about.

Consistency is the first stage in achieving a good quality ‘branded’ blog. This shows dedication and attention to detail.


How do coffee makers ensure their customers that they have the finest quality coffee? They will often say, “We make our coffee from premium coffee beans grown on the finest plantations”. They are promising the best right down to the roots.

When blogging, your roots are the content and development. You need to have a simple but inviting website that is free of too many distractions. It must have an easy to use interface as well as be responsive. Your content must be helpful and informative.

Quality also means providing facts. When delivering content, provide information that is not transparent one sided. This develops trust, and trust is exactly what you want to achieve when developing a brand.


Uniqueness of a blog does not mean you need choose topics no one else has written about. You just need to make it your own, you need to make it stand out.

Many people will write in the same boring manner. Try and make a difference. Visualize what your readers want to read and how they would like to perceive it.

Your style must be genuine. A unique and exemplary writer must trust their own feelings and intuitions. Express yourself in a way that will be well understood.

Make sure your readers learn something new from you. Writing does not provide material things, but it definitely affects the hearts and minds. Your blog should be something that stirs and engages your readers. The mind must never be forgotten when sharing content.

Follow these steps and you will create a brand to be proud of.

Remember…your brand is your promise to your readers, be sure to keep it!


Questions?I hope this article was helpful in determining why creating a brand for your blog or website is so important. If you have any questions or more tips on branding –  feel free to use my contact page.