Dealing With Distractions While Working


How good is it to earn money from the comfort of your home? Isn’t it nice to hit your deadlines and finish projects in your PJ’s?

You don’t have to endure morning traffic and afternoon rush hours.

Working at home is fantastic and convenient. There is no place like it. But sometimes working in our homes can become a disadvantage.

If there’s one thing that a real ‘office’ brings, it’s work focus. You don’t often get this at home, distractions will always get the best of you. You know that feeling when you can’t just say no to your comfy couch? You peer over and it’s shouting to you “Sit on me! Watch some TV! You need a break!” Oh Gosh I love couches!

Anyway, the point is, every environment is different. So we need to make some adjustments. We need discipline!

These distractions will absolutely turn into problems if not taken seriously. So…hey you! Yes you! Get off that couch, we need to get some work done 😉



Distractions always seem to come from either the couch, your favorite TV show, your dog, household chores, children and many others. The key is discipline. You need to set your mood and keep it focused on working. Learn to refuse these “wants” while you are on-the-job.

This is very difficult because the truth is, things like procrastination are feelings that you can’t easily cure. Even people that stay in a work-conducive place tend to lose their focus easily and forget about the work that they need to be tending to..

If you want to be successful in this business, you should begin it by setting rules for yourself and trying your best to follow them.

Don’t wait…start now!


Setting up your home office

Home officeYou need a good home office. It is best to set it up somewhat privately so you can keep focused. This zone must be for work only. The office-like feel will lessen many distractions that get thrown your way.

Be sure that it is comfortable and conducive for you. Since it’s your home, you can decide exactly what to put in your office and where it’s located.

Avoid places that center around the house activities. It’s best to choose a closed room without a television set. Some choose to listen to music while they work. I myself think that to be one of the biggest distractions out there but to each their own

Choose a space that has minimal house noise. House noises can be very distracting sometimes.

Having an office is key if you are lucky enough to work from home.


Daily Plans

Plans are essential. Take note of things that you need to do and to finish, and in what time frame you need to do so.

It’s best to put up a ‘real’ calendar where you can write notes of deadlines and other important matters.

Always make it a habit to finish things on time and avoid delays. Expect nothing less from yourself then you would from an employee.


Treat it like you’re going to a real office

Wake up early, take a shower, get dressed and walk to your home office. This may sound stupid but it starts to condition your mind into thinking you are off to a real job. This will help you, I know because I practice this myself, preparing yourself for a work day is extremely beneficial.

Set a schedule and stick to it! Most of the time people that work from home have a flexible schedule. This is a luxury…but if you want to be successful set a schedule you will adhere to. Choose a time frame that will suit you best and when you feel you will be most productive. Some people function better at night, some in the morning, figure it out and follow it.


Eating habits

Eating HabitsWorking at home gives you the benefit of being closer to the thing that all of us love, the fridge!

You have access to all the snacks that you want, and how bad can that be? The thing is, you may not realize it but this is a huge distraction. You go grab some food, the next thing you know, you are in the kitchen and having chit-chat with your family or friends, which is fine – but it is a distraction and it’s taking you from your work.

Again, discipline is the key, just bring a mini fridge into the office! NO!!! I’m only kidding. Control the habits that may lead to distractions and consume your time. It’s actually a good idea to pack a lunch so you avoid leaving the office so frequently.

Though snacks are fine in the workplace, I suggest you go out and eat with your family during meals. This is the win-win of working at home. There is nothing better than eating with your family or loved ones every meal. This refreshes your mind. A lot of people complain that because of their jobs and not having enough family time. That isn’t the case here and it’s why it’s so special.

Talk with your Housemates

Whether you live with family or roomates, make sure they understand that you are working. This way they will hopefully avoid bothering you with things that can wait until you finished for the day.

Working from home is kinda like winning the lottery. Because the truth is, “There’s no place like Home”. Just try and keep the distractions in check, and fight them so you can achieve success. Not everyone is capable of working from home. But if you set goals and discipline yourself you can enjoy a career most only dream of! Good luck!


Questions?If you have any questions or comments or would like to share ways that you overcome distractions in your home office please use my contact page.