Free Ways To Make Money Online

Make Money BloggingWe have all witnessed just how much the internet has exploded in popularity over the years and many of us probably can’t remember life without it.

It is hard to believe that back in 1995 under 1% of the world was tapped into the web. 20 years later and with over 3,000,000,000 users the internet is global and it’s no wonder that millions of people have earned a ton of money via their computers.

How do they do it?

Judging by the stats above there’s no doubt that there is a vast amount of legitimate and free ways to make money online. How people do it is entirely up to the individual. Some perform certain services they are paid for, some are affiliates for large and small corporations, some buy and sell products online, some create income via skill sets they obtain, some even get paid to complete surveys and answer emails. There are so many ways people make money from home that it would be impossible to list them all but I will list some of the more popular ways below.

Get a job with places like Elance

Elance is a online freelance company that posts hundreds of thousands of jobs daily. At any given time they are actively hiring mobile developers, designers, writers, marketers, programmers etc. It is a fantastic company where people can post something like having a certain logo designed for their website and someone at Elance will gladly provide that service for a fee. If you obtain that skill set that someone could be you!

Heard of Ebay? Sell things there!

eBay is an extremely popular online auction site where you can buy but also sell pretty much anything. A lot of people sell stuff they own on Ebay but they also buy things and then resell them at a higher cost thus making a nice profit. When doing this sort of bartering be careful to factor in shipping costs both ways as that can quickly eat into potential profits.

Become an affiliate with Clickbank

Clickbank is a digital information affiliate website that houses only digital products for promotion. One of the benefits to promoting Clickbank products is that because the products are digital and there is no overhead or shipping costs, some creators will pay up to 75% commissions on their products!

Test other people websites for money?

Websites such as will hire testers to test certain websites. They supply you with software that captures your screen while on a particular website that they provide. You navigate through the site letting them know if it is user friendly or not.

They like to note where you click and record your comments and feedback while navigating to see what they may or may not need to change to provide a better user experience. For ten – fifteen minutes of work they will pay you $10 for desktop tests and $15 dollars for mobile tests. Not bad cash if you could do it all day.

Add Google Adsense to your blogs or websites

Google Adsense is a snippet of code specifically generated for you that you can place on active blogs or websites. When people visit your site they will see text ads that will be relevant to your sites content. If your visitors click on the ads Google will pay you accordingly for each click you refer to them. It is normally just cents on the dollar but if you get a lot of traffic to the websites and a lot of clicks on the adds it can add up quickly. And we all know Google has enough money to pay you what they owe!youtube

Make money creating videos on YouTube

If you are comfortable making videos – a lot of free money can be made by using the world famous platform known as YouTube to showcase your talents. YouTube is by far the largest video sharing website on the planet and if you know how to use it properly it can make you millions if your video happens to go viral. As long as you make a video that pertains or is relative to something that you can promote and make a commission off of, a viral video can get you enough traffic to have you laughing your way to the bank!

Domain names for sale?

Most people don’t realize that established and aged domain names can fetch pretty good profits online. No, I’m not talking about a domain attached to a website, I simply mean the domain itself. For some reason people will let domain names expire and then domain registrars such as Go Daddy and NameCheap get the rights back to them.

They in turn, resell them for very heavy profits in most cases. You can do the same if you own old domains that you think someone may be looking for that is relevant to a new site they are looking to build. Older domains seem to be more favorable in Google for ranking and SEO purposes so some people will spare no expense if it is something they want or need.

Create profitable mini sites and sell them

FlippaThis one is touch and go in my opinion. But a lot of people have generated a ton of success with this method of making online profits. People will create profitable websites around certain niches and then put them up for sale on websites like Flippa, and

I generally think that if I own websites that are making me money I would like to keep them for myself and try to scale them up. Obviously there is a market out there for this and a fairly large one at that. I suppose it all depends on how much you will actually be offered for one of your creations in order to part with it. It’s all a numbers game in this business and money talks.

Creating apps for mobile phones

If I new how to do this I would have been in this business a long time ago. There is definitely a lot of money that can be made with this method. Whether your apps be geared toward games, functionality, or just making things easier to use, people will gladly pay a couple bucks a pop if it helps them in some way or keeps them entertained while taking the bus to work. Display them at the iTunes store and once again if your app goes viral a couple of bucks can quickly turn into a couple million!

Create blog posts on Hub Pages

Hub Pages is an information platform where users can join and start blogs about anything they wish. If you are passionate about a certain topic and don’t know how to build your own blog or website it is the perfect place for you to go and share your information. They allow you to post links to whatever you like including affiliate sites or products which in turn can make you profit. I’ve heard of people making some pretty good money with this method as long as you provide readers with good information that has relevancy to the topics you choose.

Leverage the use of PayPal

If you have strengths or can provide services that are sought after take advantage of it! Create a blog or website around these things and offer to help people. Be passionate and assertive. Many people don’t understand how many services can be sold in this online world. It can be anything from dating advice to teaching people how to cook their favorite meals. How would people pay you for this information? Simple, set up a PayPal account and throw a button on your blog or website. It’s just that easy.

Create your own blog or website with WordPress

WordpressYou will notice there a lot of free ways to make money online listed above but most of them involve you owning a website or a blog. I know many of you probably don’t know how to create your own website or blog and may be thinking that it is hard and time consuming. Years ago that may have been the case but it’s no longer like that these days. We are now in the era where no coding is involved and websites can be created with a few clicks of the mouse.

I know it sounds impossible but it is true. WordPress is a free platform that can make this happen. In my personal opinion this is the best way I have found to make money online. You build niche websites revolving around things you can write about and provide value to you readers. The best part about this method is at the end of the day you may have helped someone or at the very least been able to answer someone’s question. I could go into more detail on this topic and I actually did on one of my other pages. If you would like to read more on this click here –  Wealth From Passion.

How can I be sure I won’t be scammed?

Obviously with 3 billion people using the internet at any given time there are bound to be scammers. These are people that want to take your money at any cost without providing any value or service. Mysef along with countless others find this to be just plain immoral, but it will continue on as long as the internet is available to us. Always be cautious and aware of all products and services that people provide online.

Scams usually sound too good to be true and that’s generally because they are. That being said there is tons of valuable information online too. That is why Google is the best search engine in the world! They are constantly updating their algorithms so that we all can be provided with the best and most up to date information when we search for a certain keyword. So don’t be afraid to surf these waves and gain some knowledge!


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