How Can I Make Money From Home?

Making Money At HomeIf you're reading this article it is probably because you are sick and tired of your job and I don't blame you. It's not easy going to an office or worksite day after day just to make someone else rich! Or, perhaps you are one of the unfortunate people that had no choice in the matter because they were laid off for reasons that are completely out of their control. Whatever the reason I'm glad your here because the first step to making money from home is taking action and thats exactly what you're doing! Congratulations!

I am sure you already understand there are many ways to make money from home and you're right. There is. And because there are so many different ways to succeed online this topic can become very controversial. Just as there are billions of websites that make up the internet these days we have to remember that billions of different people created them. All of which have their own views and beliefs on various subjects and that is awesome! The internet was built around information knowledge and freedom of expression.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is no right or wrong answer to the question 'How can I make money from home?' Below I am going to list in point form some of the most profitable websites people utilize these days to start generating some sort of online income. If you would like to learn more on each of the websites listed, I have created a more in depth page for each site at free ways to make money online.

These are all valid and great ways to get started (I have tried most) but following the list I would like to talk more on the #1 way most people become successful online at it's not near as difficult as you may think!

12 Of The More Profitable Websites People Use To Make Money From Home

Create Your Own Business!


As I briefly mentioned, I am not going to take this time to elaborate on the websites mentioned above. However if you are interested in learning more on each one feel free to visit my free ways to make money online page.

My question to you is why would you want to work from those websites when you can have your own website (business) that can generate a passive income online? Now, I'm not saying you need to know how to build an empire like Facebook or Amazon but just a small niche website revolving around something you love. Learn more here how to make money from a hobby.

You will begin to notice the more you search for ways to make money from home a lot of the information repeats itself. There is always one recurring theme. You need to have a website! This wasn't the case years ago but it is now and as the internet evolves and changes we have to adapt as well if we wish to make any kind of profits.

I Don't Know How To Build A Website


make money from home binary codeThis is by far the most common statement I hear when I talk to someone about building a website and for good reason. It used to be so hard! Of course that's the first thing anyone will say! I said it too! But the good thing about the internet evovling is that technology evolves with it. Today now we don't need to know any coding, css, style sheets or any of it. Most of the wealthiest marketers in the world wouldn't have a clue how to start their businesses if it was 1999!

This is the best part! Now we all have a chance at taking a slice of the internet pie! Websites nowadays are fully based around templates and themes. Once you get your $4/month hosting and your $12/year domain name all you need to to is click your mouse a couple times - pick a theme or 'look' for your site and your business has begun! All for under $20! Still not sure? There are even ways you can have a website up in the next hour (after a video tutorial) absolutely free with SiteRubix.

The only thing you need to do next is start filling it out with whatever content you desire. You want to blog about knitting or sewing do it! You like playing guitar and teaching people how to play? Blog about that! Not only do you get to work from home but this is your own business! You're very own piece of internet real estate that belongs to you and only you!

  1. You Can't Be Fired
  2. You Can't Be Laid Off
  3. You Can't Be Late
  4. You Can't Scolded
  5. You Can't Be Sent Away

Postive attributes

  1. You Can See Family
  2. You Can Travel
  3. You Can Sleep In
  4. You Can Work in P'J's
  5. You Can Say NO!

How Can I Make The 'Money'?

How Can I Make The Money?Of course! The important stuff! Once you get rolling with your 'business' and you have good quality content (learn more about content at create wealth from home) Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. are going to rank your pages accordingly.

When people search for their 'keyword' (whatever they type into Google) your blog may show up on the first page of the results. If it does show on the first page Google 'likes' your content because they believe it to have value to it's potential readers.

If somebody chooses to click on your blog to read your content this is known as traffic. The more posts or pages you write on your website the more chance you have of them ranking in Google and the more traffic you can drive to your website. It is this traffic that you can start converting into money. And for every blog or niche website online there are always ways to monetize them or 'make money'.

   How To Make Money From Your Home Business

Ways To Make Money From HomeOnce your blog is fairly established and you start receiving some traffic there are hundreds of ways you can start including things that can make you profit. You don't need your own product,  you don't need certain skillsets, you don't need 'sell' anything if you don't want to. All you need is valuable content that gets you the traffic!

The absolute easiest way to start monetizing your website or blog is with the use of Google Adsense. There is absolutely NO selling involved so your blog can be literally about anything! How it works is once approved, Google will assign you a snippet of code unique to your account details . You don't need to remotely understand what the code means you just need to know where to put it on your site.

Once the code is installed where you want it (Google shows you via video training) you will see an ad block. I am sure you have seen them on probably ever website you've ever been to. Because of the code, the ads that show will automatically be relevant to whatever your page or post is about.

If people decide to click on these ads while visiting your blog Google will pay you a certain percent the profits they make on advertising costs. The margins of payout vary drastically but with enough traffic large paychecks can accumulate very quickly. And we all know a check from Google isn't going to bounce! The best part is there was no selling involved 🙂

That's why your website or 'business' could be about literally anything! It could be about crickets if you wanted. You can't sell crickets online but I guarantee people search information about crickets for their pet lizards or whatever. If they find your blog and click your ads you make money!

This is just one of the most common ways you can monetize your blog to start making money from home but believe me there are plenty others. I have a similar article that delves deeper into how to partner with companies like Amazon and eBay to get paydays from them as well. If your interested read it here how to make money blogging from home.

I wish you all the very best of success and hope you take action or you'll never see results!


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