Create Wealth From Home Using Passion

Wealth From Home Using PassionHave you ever met someone wealthy and when you asked them what they did for a living they replied “I work from home.” I have and it’s bothered me ever since.

I obviously didn’t want to pry and dig any deeper, but it was killing me because I wanted to know how or what they did specifically to earn a living. I realize now there are many different ways on how someone can create wealth from home.

There are legitimate businesses that give you certain tasks you can complete from home. I have also heard of people answering emails, writing articles or completing surveys but the majority of the time they don’t come out on top. I realize now the most successful people that make money online do so by creating websites around things that they love and are passionate about.

Why do I believe this?

It’s simple. I believe this to be true because I have obviously been searching myself for ways to make money from home and guess what? No matter where I go, what I find or what I do I am always directed back to one of the most popular ways to achieve this goal. Building websites.

So if I have a website I can make money online?

Unfortunately no. It is not quite that easy. Your website has to revolve around something you love or enjoy. It’s like taking one of your hobbies and turning it into profit. For example, if you like to ski or snowboard create a blog about it.

Fill it up with articles and posts. If you like to do it there’s a reason. Tell the world why you enjoy it so much. The best part is if you pick a niche that your passionate about It won’t even feel like work. You will want to jump on your computer and do reviews on ski resorts or even restaurant reviews at ski resorts when you get home from your trip, and that’s exactly how it is supposed to work.

The internet reaches out to the entire world! Of course there are people out there who are going to want to know if Lake Louise (Canada) is worth the trip to ski or board! You need to harness that power and possess that passion in order to succeed. You can’t just throw up a blog that you check every couple of months to see if it’s still live.

The internet was created for one purpose. To help people by providing them with relevant information on whatever it is they are searching for. If you provide that information you can begin getting visitors to your site or blog and that always leads to possible profits for you!

Content and why it is so important

Content logoWhen you get enough FRESH and ORIGINAL content on your blog via small posts or large articles Google will start indexing this information and start ranking it appropriately.

This is the reason it MUST be original content. Don’t even think about succeeding and getting any sort of rankings if you just think you can copy and paste things from other websites.

Google has an extremely intelligent algorithm and knows precisely what’s been indexed already and will sink your site faster than the Titanic if these rules aren’t followed!

This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme but if you work at it you WILL see results. This is precisely why it’s called work from home. If this was called ‘Get Rich Quick From Home’ everyone would be a millionaire! Even if you supply your blog with one or two posts a week that’s an excellent start, just make sure you stick with it.

You also want to interact with your visitors. This creates trust and allows them to realize that you are a real person that has something in common with them. This may sound difficult but its very easy to do. At the end of your posts and pages all you need to do is ask them if they have any questions or if they have been to ‘said resort’ that we talked about above and ask them what their thoughts are. To be successful in this business you really have to want to help people.

If a visitor asks a question, answer it to the best of your ability. As you can see, I practice what I preach with this website and always encourage interaction. The search engines love active sites or blogs because the content is constantly getting updated and your rankings will reflect that. So, not only do you get the satisfaction of possibly helping someone you may get better rankings too. In my opinion it’s a win – win situation!

How to create the ‘wealth’ from home?

Wealth From PassionAhh the money aspect. This is probably the easiest part of the entire process. Once you have a fairly established blog or at least one that gets some traffic you can start monetizing it to create profits. No, I don’t mean by uploading a picture of last years boots and trying to sell them.

I mean by joining forces with huge companies like Amazon, eBay, Nike, Walmart…the list is endless. These companies will gladly take you on as what’s known as an affiliate. You have probably heard the term affiliate marketing. Well, that’s exactly what you would become.

Anyone who is successful at earning money online is or was an affiliate marketer. What is affiliate marketing? When you become an affiliate the retailer will asign you a code or snippets of code that you can place into your blog or site. Lets go back to the skiing niche. Do you have any idea how much skiing and snowboarding apparel is on Amazon? Exactly, me neither but I guarantee there’s a ton!

You take these product codes specifically designed for you and you simply place them on your site. When visitors come and read your awesome content they may click on a product and purchase it. If that happens Amazon or whomever you’re partnered with will pay you a commission for referring the visitors to their site. It’s just that easy.

Now, can you imagine how much money you could make if you had 2, 5, or 10 of these blogs. They act as little cash funnels. And as long as you keep adding content and updating them once in a while (with real passion) they will continue to make you money even while your asleep!

Too much information I need help!


Questions?Of course there is a lot more to know and understand but I am always here to help. If you have any questions, comments or feedback please visit my contact page.

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