How to Increase Blog Traffic

Increase Blog TrafficBlogs have always been helpful and fun. For some, it helped them to reach their road to online stardom. Yes, I had a feeling you knew some superstars in the blogging world. So, to whom do they owe their success? The readers of course, the ones who follow them and share in their content. This is called traffic, blog traffic. The build-up of people who visit your blogsite. In the outside world, traffic sucks! But if there’s a place where you want traffic, it’s here to your blog.

Your goal is to have everyone to read that latest post that you published. You don’t want feel like a sad kid in the corner tearing up at your laptop in front of your unread content. Cheer up! There are ways to increase traffic and get your blogs noticed. So, let’s go for a drive and find out ways to increase blog traffic!


Blog Content

Content is kingIf you are a blogger, or just starting out, you should know this mantra for bloggers spanning the globe: “Content is King”. A blog without good content is wasted space in the web. Your site should always deliver a statement. You have your “shout out” to the world!  Now let’s take a look on what we can do to help it get noticed.

  • In any kind of writing, you should know your target readers. Be sure you understand them so that you can write better content. Make them feel at home. Let them know that you understand them, this way they will visit your blog more often, because you made a connection.
  • Make sure that what you publish is worth sharing, because if you don’t think it is, then you should be writing a personal journal instead.
  • Headlines should be easy to understand but make sure they pop-out. You may be writing about something that everyone else is, make a difference within the headlines. This way you will get the reader’s attention and they will choose to read your content first.
  • Publish something daily. Make sure you have fresh content in your blog. It’s good to have some throwbacks, like refreshing your past posts and publishing them again. But you can’t always dwell in the past. So put on a thinking cap and grab that laptop and write! After all this is why you launched your blog or website.
  • Words are powerful, be sure you publish reliable content. It doesn’t matter what you write about, but make sure you study it first. A good researcher is good writer.
  • Make short but meaningful posts. Yes, less is more! 500-1000 words will satisfy readers and search engines alike.
  • Follow the trends. What’s hot right now? Write about it, but make it count. There is always a hot soup of the day on the menu but we all know it’s not always good!
  • Be different, instead of following trends, you can start a trend. You’ve heard the saying, why follow when you can take the lead!

Make a good looking blog

Nice Looking BlogYou have obviously heard the expression love at first sight. That’s what we are aiming for. The content and core should stand out, but chances are, if your page is dull and uninviting, they will always click the exit button. All because of a not-so-good-looking-page. So consider these tips:

  • Invest time and effort into making sure you have a nice page. Arrange it well. Avoid any ‘clutter’. Make it etremely easy to navigate.
  • Colors and themes matter. Choose colors that go well with your writing style and the overall theme of the blog. This will create harmony and identity to your page. Try neutral and light colors. From experience, blogs with very bright (almost neon) colors are a NO! Just, NO!
  • Include relevant and high quality photos. If you own a nice camera, go out capture some photos that go well to your topic. It adds to the overall feel of what you are writing about. Add a watermark to your own photos and show that you own them!
  • People like videos these days. Sometimes, rather than writing everything down, take that camcorder and hit the record button or screen capture on your desktop. This goes well if you’re doing tutorials on something. You can still include a description of the video for the search engines. If you have time, go for it!


Spread the word

Get your blog noticedThere is a lot of good content sitting in the corner of the World Wide Web, unnoticed. This is because no one knows it exists. Don’t always expect the readers to look for you, find them, let them know you are indeed, PRESENT! I hope these tips will help:

  • Share it! Social media will be your superhero in this matter. Post in on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, post a photo preview on Instagram and a lot more ways. (Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) Remember to share more than once, not everyone will be online at the time you post something.
  • Follow the ‘superstar’ bloggers. You will learn a lot. Get to know them, they may notice you and who knows, they might like and tell others about your blog. You can also invite them to be a guest blogger. Just ask, there’s no harm in that!
  • Join blog communities. There is no better way in asking advice or widening your circle of blogging friends than this. You will learn so much, and just think how fun it could be!.
  • Read and reply to every comment. Replies are precious to readers. It instills trust.  Comment on other blogs as well. It can get you noticed. Relevant and good comments could even get them to post a link back to your site. Its a Win-Win!
  • Be friendly to other bloggers. If they ask you to share their work,  share it. They will obviously return the favor. What else are co-bloggers for? We need to become friends not enemies. The internet is way too vast to have that many enemies!
  • Tell your friends and family about your blog. I’m sure they will be proud of you and share it too!


Use The Power Of The Web

Don’t be embarrased or hide things! You are on the internet, let it crawl close to you!

    1. Make your blog visible to search engines.
    2. Practice SEO. Use it right, it will benefit you. Overdo it, and you will ruin your blog.
    3. Create a sitemap to your blog. Let them know how to find you. This is a must!


Questions?If you have any questions or comments at all, or would like to share some of your own ways that you can increase traffic to a blog, please use my contact page!

I hope this was helpful!