How To Increase Reader Engagement

Increase reader engagementUnread books are just piles of paper with smudges of ink, they are worthless. Writers will never achieve success without having readers who are engaged to their work. Phenomenal writers like J.K Rowling, C.S Lewis, Stephen King, and everyone in the publishing industry achieved their success because of one targeted group of people – engaged readers! Readers just read, engaged ones throw themselves into what they read. They feed on the words, they embrace them, and live or learn from them.

Catch the Readers Attention

Catching AttentionA lot of bloggers are online daily trying to write content in hopes that it catches the eye of avid readers. The first thing that a book or a blog post should offer are catchy aspects. It’s like shopping for clothes, sometimes you just need to look at everything, stare at them for a while, and try on what catches your attention. Writers should always follow the trend, but, never forget their personal touch.

Always include a style which readers will like and appreciate. A writer should always think of catchy introductions so that the readers will get excited and want to take in the whole piece. It’s like going out for dinner. If you were served a bland or unedible appetizer would you truly be excited about receiving the main course?

Write Memorable Articles

Written content should be memorable. Try and give readers some sort of experience through your writing. Show them an adventure through your words. Put depth and heart in it. Give them a piece that will stay in their mindset for long periods of time. Provide good ideas that are easy to remember. You must realize that good memories never die, especially those that are acquired through reading.

Make a Connection

connect with your readersTry and make a connection with your readers. You should know who your targeted readers are, and write just like you are one of them – or even better, become one of them! You must make them feel like you understand them. As though you were chatting with an old friend or family member. Always encourage comments and interaction. These are the best parts of writing! If you establish this bond, your visitors will most likely come back and read more of your content.

Reasearch Reliable Sources

Your content must be reliable. If you are a writer that delivers important information, be sure your sources are well researched. Present credible information only. Readers that trust their writers truly become engaged to what they are reading.

Think About  Your Options


Your OptionsRemember, there are only two kinds of people in regards to this topic, a reader, and an engaged reader. Imagine a large group of people sitting together in a bland, boring, colorless room. 2 men enter the room and one man says “Okay everyone! I want half of you to come with me. We are going to hike down by the river to have a picnic and an afternoon swim.”  The other man calls out “The other half of you can stay here with me and I’ll order pizza!” It’s understandable that both groups get to eat – but who would you rather go with?


Remember, a reader can always click the exit button and forget about what you’ve written. Try your best to keep them engaged or all your hard work can become worthless. I have also written some tips how to create a successful website if your interested!

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