Online Jobs for College Students

There are not many more stressful things in life than being a struggling college or post secondary student trying toonline jobs for college students from home find their way in this world. Those of us that aren’t in that position right now have most likely been there at some point in our lives.

Even just reaching a college existence is an exciting and a fantastic goal in itself, but it can also become extremely overwhelming very fast! Especially if you are paying for everything on your own and still trying to make ends meet.

Would Online Jobs for College Students Help Relieve Stress?

No StressThere is not much that would alieve the stress more than a supplemented income. This would not only help with school bills and payments but even everyday neccessities such as groceries and fuel. The worst part of this fact that is that most college students begin looking for employment outside their college or home.

This does not always have to be the case. What if after you were finished writing a term paper you could switch tabs on your computer and finish the evening off with an hour or two of work without ever leaving your residence?

In my personal opinion that is what I would have liked to do but I never got that chance when I was in school.For this reason I have done some research and listed below some online jobs for college students that can be done from home.


        1.Become Your Own Boss/Create Your Own Blog and Turn It Into a Business

Be your own bossThis ranks #1 on my personal list because if you look at this option early in your career and actually take action you may not need to find a ‘real’ job when you are completed school.

I know it sounds a bit far fetched and too good to be true but it really isn’t! In fact it’s much easier then people think. Many years have passed since the internet was created and in that time various new technological advances have been produced.

Many of these involve the ease of web and blog creation. It is not like it used to be involving html code and digital dialouge. It is now extremely easy to create a website to let the world know about your passions! And if you think there is no way you can create an income from that you are sadly mistaken.

Most people I have met along this journey never made a penny online before they created their blog. Today most only tend to a single blog of their own and make enough each month to never have to worry about ‘real’ work again. I have created an entire page on this topic and if you would like to learn more please visit: How to Create Wealth From Home.

       2. Freelance (writers,marketers,designers,mobile developers,programmers)

There are a vast amount of freelancing websites where you can offer your services in many fields such as the ones listed above. Some of these websites are extremely popular and generate over 120,000 job postings each month! Some even boast payouts of up to nearly 1.5 billion dollars! It is easy to see why these websites can be very lucrative to the average college student.

Especially when one of the categories listed above could possibly be your major or your career goal prior to graduation. Wouldn’t it be gratifying to get all that work experience while you are still studying?  My answer is yes and this is why online freelance websites get my second position! I have listed some of the more sought after freelancing websites below:

       3. Create YouTube Videos

YouTubeMany people don’t realize how much economic leverage a YouTube video can create! Especially if you can create one that goes viral. Years ago it was a lot harder to create a video and upload it to the internet.

But now with the creation of digital cameras and smart phones the effort to get videos live and online is extremely minimal. Similar to the creation of blogs or websites. And although YouTube videos can be much more lucrative if placed on a website or a blog you own, they can do extremely well by themselves too.

All you need is a product to promote (more on this later) and you can have a video live on YouTube in no time. Everyone has typed in certain keywords into Google, Bing or Yahoo and has seen YouTube videos rank on the first page time and time again.

These tiny videos have absolute huge potential to generate online traffic and online traffic can easily be transferred into real currency. To see a video on exactlty how to leverage income with YouTube please watch the video below…

Jobs For College Students Online

       4. Tutor other students online

If you enoy sharing knowledge with others this could be a fantastic option to make some extra income while your in school. Many college students looking for online jobs often forget about this one.

It may be because it is simply overlooked, or it may be because that’s not what students really feel like doing after a hard day of learning. Whatever the reason there is absolutely no shortage of websites that are willing to pay individuals to tutor others online.

Some of these websites pay by the hour, some pay by the session and some even pay by the day (which I find would be hard to juggle unless it’s a weekend or your day off). Most people have found that tutoring definitley provides a sense of self worth and self esteem.

It’s always nice to provide help and support for others and getting a few extra bucks on the side doesn’t hurt either. I think this option should definitely not be ruled out! I have listed a few of the more popular tutoring sites below:


       5. Become an Amazon Associate or Partner with Other Affiliates

Amazon AssociatesYes, we have all heard of Amazon and most of us have probably purchased something from there. Amazon houses more than 180 million different products but what many people don’t know is that they allow you to promote these products and earn commissions.

That’s right! If you sign up to be an Amazon Associate the website then regards you as a partner and will issue you snippets of code especially catered to you and your account. In turn if you place this code on things like we talked about above (YouTube Videos or your blog) you can essentially earn quite a profit.

The more people you can get to click these links the more money you can make! Amazon will pay you a certain percent commission on the referrals you send to them if it results in a sale.

If you can harness enough traffic and send it to Amazon or to any of the other thousands of affiliates you can join online, this can be an extremely lucrative option. It can easily lead to your own online business as mentioned above. I have posted a video below showing you how easy these links are put to use on a blog. Enjoy!

Amazon jobs for college students



Questions?Above I have mentioned a few online jobs for college students. I really hope this was helpful and you got some creative juices flowing outside the classroom!

I have also found a very informative and interactive post here on Facebook. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please feel free to use the comment link or box at the bottom of this page.

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