Pros and Cons of Working From Home

pros and cons of working from homeThere is no place like home. And there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than working from a place you feel comfortable and free.

Working from home is not new these days. This luxury is growing larger all the time. Many people that are lucky enough to work from home have also worked in a ‘real’ office so they experience the transition first hand. An office can be very nice. You get to experience the ‘real work’ feel and interact with your coworkers all while dressed sharply in your corporate attire. But I think most people would prefer the quiet, warmth and comfort of their own homes.

Employers are also seeing some good results from working at home. They have seen better output from employees that aren’t so stressed from traffic and other daily office demands.

But even in comfort, there are problems that will arise. You can’t have it all. There will always be down sides. All employers and workers must know the pros and cons to maximize their work from home lifestyles.


  •  Saves you money and time

You do not need to travel, so there’s no need for commuting expenses like fuel. Many people have problems with traffic. It’s not something most people enjoy. It is the ultimate stress provider for people that have to commute to an office or shop everyday.

You add big portions to your daily clock by working at home. You don’t need to go anywhere. You wake up, shower, get dressed and go to your work station. You can even start work in your PJ’s if you choose.

Most people with ‘real jobs’ spend a big part of their lives travelling back and forth from home to office. It kills a lot of time in which you could have been productive.

  •  You can enjoy work and life at the same time

You may be working but you can be around your kids, your parents, or your friends. Quality time is the most important time for families. Working from home makes this is possible.

You can catch up on chores, exercise, or tend to other house matters. When I started working from home there were many things I noticed that had been tended to that otherwise would have been neglected after coming home from a tough day.

  •  Freedom

No one is watching over you all the time. Though this can be a disadvantage at some point, some people work better and are more productive when they are free from the prying eyes that are around. I myself used to get nervous and felt intimidated when people kept watching me while I worked. When you work from home you are free from all that.

  •  No office problems

The gossiping co-workers, your boss throwing tantrums, the cafeteria that food you can’t swallow, say goodbye to them all!

I’m not saying you should be a loner, but it can be really frustrating dealing with different people every day. I love making friends and going out socially, but usually not in the office or shop way.

  •  Productivity

Many studies have shown that people that work from home are more productive than those who do not. It is less stressful and the mood is serene and comfortable. My mind functions much better when I am in a place where I know I belong!

The weather doesn’t become an issue. You will never be late because of a snow storm or a traffic jam.

You won’t have absences. Many people tend to not to go to work because of problems at home, responsibilities with kids and headaches or stress. Some of these can be remedied by taking a short nap. When you work from home you are able to take that short nap without taking a day off.

  •  Develops self-discipline

Major challenges of working at home are the distractions. You are in daily combat with the TV, snacking and procrastinating. People who are successful at working from home can overcome this. The bi- product is a new person that is more responsible and disciplined. Self discipline is a huge milestone in some peoples lives and working from home can help you achieve it all on your own!



the consMistrust

If you do not have your own business and work for someone else make sure they are trustworthy! Working from home can be a horrible experience if this isn’t researched. Always choose whom to work for and/or employ with knowledge and wisdom.

  •  Home distractions

As I stated above this is the hardest part of working from home. There are inevitable and various things that can constitute distractions. It can be your children, the TV and general house noise among many other things. Because this topic is so important I wrote an entire article on dealing with distraction while working.

  • Communication barriers

Everyone that works from home communicates using the internet. If it ever goes down or slows, your work and communication ties will be compromised.

  •  It can be lonely

There are some moments you will miss the office chitchat and having genuine interaction with people around you. For some people it is hard being stuck in their house all day. This con is probably the most common but can easily be remedied. Take a break and go outside! Go grab an ice cream! This isn’t considered a distraction it will just help you focus your mind on getting back to work.


Questions?If you have any questions, comments or want to add your own personal pros or cons in regards to working from home please do so by using my contact page!