The Importance of Social Media

social mediaSo you met someone, and you want to stay in touch with that person, what medium would you want to use? Phone…yep. Skype…maybe. Facebook…guaranteed!

Almost everyone is on Facebook, and social media in general. Facebook has been getting people to sign up for accounts since it was first launched and it’s not slowing down. Zuckerberg really planted a bomb in the internet and it exploded everywhere. There are also many other popular sites such as Twitter, and Instagram with billions of users worldwide.

I bet almost 80% or more of the people reading this article have accounts in different social networking sites. Just take a chance and ask five people if they have a social media account. You should expect 4 out of 5, or even 5 out of 5 to answer yes. It wouldn’t be that surprising.

Social media connects people together better than websites, this is a fact. And in doing so this develops and creates a community of people, a huge community.

That’s why there are people who are glued to social media, or should I say, addicted to it. This became a new strategy for marketing. There are dozens of things that you can get through Facebook and other media accounts. I myself got some software, a car and even my dental clinic from Facebook! That’s why with every online business it’s essential to be involved with social media in some way.

Why is social media important to marketing? Let’s take a look:

 Social media has a community of billions worldwide

The large sum of users is the biggest factor. If you decide to launch a social media account for your marketing strategy, it is a smart move. You will get thousands of people as prospect customers, and that is what you need, a market.

This is the advantage social media has on websites, it’s tough to get traffic and visitors. But it is a lot easier on social media. Customers can follow you and connect with you for long periods of time. Posting links of your website to social media accounts is the best strategy for people to find you and get the visitors and traffic that you want and need.

Brand improvement

Brand ImprovementBranding is your promise to your visitors. Making it visible to social media sites improves your brand. People can see your latest news and business whereabouts. You can easily share good feedback and take time to consider suggestions.

Keeping it your brand open increases the customers trust and that may lead to more sales.

 More interactive

Websites are interactive, but social media promises more than that. You have comment boxes on your site, which are very helpful. But I find it’s easier to communicate using Facebook. They have post sections and a private message tools. They supply notifications of incoming messages, and let you reply to messages in a blink of an eye.

A social media account can be hard to manage if you have hundreds of inquiries, but the good news is you can answer them as quick as possible. On a website, people often get their responses and queries by email. But if you think about it, more people open their social media accounts before opening emails.

 It is more user friendly

user friendlySetting up a social media account is not near as complicated as launching a website, you can even open one using your smartphone. You can also share pictures and videos easily, and the visitors can view them in real time. You can increase the popularity of your products and services using this method alone.

And because of the fact that almost everyone is on it, it’s easy for people to look at your account to see what you have to offer. It’s easy to send and receive messages. They can also tag and link to their friends more quickly if they wish to do so.

The familiarity of people in these communities creates more trust and better communication which benefits both the owner and the customer.

Increases Traffic

Linking and posting your latest news from your website to your social media account drives traffic.

You may also join groups or create pages that are related to your business, this makes you more visible to others resulting in more visitors.

Traffic increases will lead to better rankings and probability of more profits.

It’s free!

This is the best part. It is free to open social media accounts! Even if you choose to run advertisements on these sites it’s much cheaper than advertising with the search engines. There aren’t too many things in this world that are free. But social media accounts are, and will always be.

Social media is a way to connect with people. It is just as important as having website comments and interaction. And in the years that social media has existed, it has proven that its done its job.


Questions?I hope this article demonstrated some good points in why utilizing socila media with any online venture is so important! If you have any questions or want to share how social media has helped your online business please use the comment box below.