The Importance of Website Comments and Interaction

Comments and InteractionMost of us launch websites to help people. We want them to find us and offer them something that they need or that can help them slove certain issues. Therefore we must be committed to hearing what they have to say in regards to comments, questions and feedback on our website.

I remember this post on a bakery website about this child that commented on a type of bread they were selling. The bread was made with dark stripes embedded as a feature and they were calling it tiger bread. The little girl had commented that the stripes much more resembled a zebra so they should name it zebra bread.

The great news is, the bakeshop replied granting the wish of this little girl and gave her some freebies and samples as well. I found this to be extremely good interaction with their customer base. They knew the little girl wasn’t actually purchasing the bread or spending any money, but they took her suggestion seriously and regulated the change.

In fact, almost every blog or website that offers product and services has comments and suggestion boxes within their business. It’s a very good practice and you really shouldn’t go without.

Sometimes, it not just the writer of the article that shares the information we are searching for. Often times, what we need to do is listen. We may be happy with the information that we give, but the visitors/customers can have a different opinion toward us and we want to hear it.

Interaction through comments on websites and social media is something that every website owner must take time to develop and maintain. If you want a connection, you need to interact with your visitors and increase reader engagement.


It adds a ‘human touch’ to the website

human touchWe are in the virtual world. And that’s awesome. But nothing beats a human touch. This makes the visitors feel like there is someone behind a website rather than interacting with a robot on the internet.

If the visitors know that you listen to them, they will become more open to trust you. They will feel well attended thus giving them a good personal experience while visiting your site.

Be sure you make time to answer every question that they post. Never forget to thank the compliments, and never take for granted the ones that convey critism. These negative comments will give you an idea on what you need to improve. Take note that these visitors experience what your site has to offer firsthand. So their expectations and experience is very important in the success of a website.

Some authors use templates for answering queries in the comment section. I am not fond of this method. I personally love it when I comment on a blog, and the blogger replies with a comment that I know was specifically written to answer my question. Make sure to address the visitor by name and answer them personally.

 Comments serve as a guide on what to do next

Web developers, bloggers and everyone on the internet give people what we think they need. But the comments section can be a way of knowing what they want.

Ask them on your latest post on what they want to see or learn about next. The requests that they send you can be very valuable.

  1. You expand the topics that you will publish next, this save you time and effort on thinking and conceptualizing the next article that you will post.
  2. If you do this regularly the people will expect it and wait for it. The visitors will be delighted if you grant requests, they might even endorse your website to their friends so you get more visitors.

Make sure you choose the most often requested topics. This way you know that there are more people expecting it and you’re helping out more people all at once!

 Comments drive traffic

TrafficComments give you the chance to drive traffic to your site. Whether you answer queries on your site or leave comments on other sites, this can generate traffic.

When you answer queries politely and to the point it satisfies visitors. They will more often than not visit your site again, or refer you to their friends and family and this is what we want!

When you comment on other blogs or websites always leave something of value for readers as well as the website owner. This way if you decide to link back to your site (backlinking) the owner is much more likely to publish your content with your link in tact. This technique works well especially if the website gets a lot of followers or visitors.

Profit generation

Interacting with visitors is a great technique for web developers and owners to generate income.

Generating profit is tough on the internet but it will be much harder if you don’t have visitors and you don’t interact with the ones you do have.

Interacting with your visitors is the most common way to start generating an income online. If you get a lot of traffic, but you can’t answer the questions they have…no matter how good your website is, they will probably click the x and leave your page.

If you interact with them well, you will get return visitors and this is always a plus. You can also get referrals by just word of mouth and these are the best recommendations. This shows that your visitors trust you and that you were able to help them in some way. If your website revolves around that fact alone you will be inevitably maintaining a successful website!


Questions?I hope this article added some insight into the importance of website interaction. As always if you have any questions, comments or feedback please leave them in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!