WordPress for Websites – Why it’s the Best

WordpressSo, you’ve decided to create a blog and you’re thinking about the appearance, navigation, ease of use, vistor experience etc. But what platform should you choose? What CMS (content management system) will best suit your needs?

There are lots of CMS platforms available online, but WordPress (WordPress.com) is one of a kind and truly the best platform to use, especially for beginners.

WordPress is an open-source blogging tool and a CMS that was launched on May 27, 2003, is the most popular blogging system used to date. WordPress boasts excellent service for blogging and hosting and is used by some of the most prominent companies and organizations in the world. Ford, CNN, Disney, eBay, Sony, and LinkedIn are just a few of these companies.

A big chunk of the worldwide web and blogging community uses WordPress. It provides its users with trust, efficiency and ease of use.

I often hear people ask – what’s so great about WordPress? Let’s have a look!


WordPress is free!

Creating your account is free. Even if you choose to pay for premium themes, it is still cheap. Everyone can use it, which means that there are millions of users that you can follow, and millions that can follow you. Traffic is easier to obtain with WordPress sites.

There are thousands of themes and plugins you can install free of charge as well to make your website your own in minutes. It can be installed on most servers with a click of the mouse or you can install it on their own servers free of charge too. You can also learn to modify its source codes and really dig in deep, but it’s definitely not required and most blog owners stay away from that aspect.


Ease of use


ease of useThere are not many hassles using this platform because of the simplicity and functionality. Beginners never have a lot of problems when creating their sites.  And because of the pre-programmed templates and plug-ins you will be amazed how you can learn to achieve things that you thought were just for the IT Techs of the world.

It is comfortable and not intimidating to use. In no time you will feel like a pro.


Superb Themes and Plug-ins

The themes are fantastic and huge time savers. Even if you choose the free themes, you can expect to find a great one that will really suit your style. And not just that, there are thousands of them! You also have an option to purchase more ‘elegant’ themes and download them right to your interface if you wish. This is not required and if you decide to go this route it is not very costly.

There are thousands of free plugins as well. A plugin is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing software application without any coding or techie mumbo jumbo.

There are plugins for SEO, contact pages, social media, appearance changes, speed, comments, the list is endless.

Ease of adding photos, videos and other media

Some say if you use a lot of photos in your blog, WordPress is the best platform to use. It lets you add, and modify your photos extremely easily.

In fact, hundreds of Portfolios are created using WordPress. They even have a number of themes that suit Portfolios very well.

Videos are also a snap to upload and share with the world.


WordPress is safe

secureWordPress is simple to backup and the security features are great. From its humble beginnings, and some security critiques, WordPress has improved so well over the years that there is nothing to worry about in regards to this aspect of the platform.

But if you’re a worry wart there are even security plug-ins that are available so you can strengthen your account.

WordPress is good for Business

Some of the world’s top companies wouldn’t choose WordPress if it were for blogging alone. It is a blog, a website or a full on business rolled into one.

Its flexibility favors every need. From personal blogs, to photography to businesses. Using WordPress will give you the necessary tools that you need for marketing, promoting and any other add-ons you may need. And because it is SEO optimized, you can pretty much set it and forget it! You can also add plug-ins for payment options such as PayPal with the click of a few buttons.

It’s everything in a single place… a super machine!


Update it anywhere

smartphoneYou got a laptop? A smartphone? A tablet? You can update your site using any of these tools. This means you can bring your business with you everywhere. It is responsive and flexible and that makes it more useful.


You can even schedule posts

It is important that you manage your blog posts. Allowing time for the next post can be a lot of work and its easy to forget. With WordPress, you can schedule your posts, stack them up and have them post automatically on whatever date and time you choose. This is very beneficial in regards to ranking. You can set posts to go out daily, even when your on vacation. Search engines love regularly updated websites!

WordPress is a wonderful platform that anyone can use. It welcomes beginners and morphs them into professionals in no time!


Questions?If you have any questions regarding WordPress or have any tips or plugins that you have found useful please leave them in the comment box below!