Writing Jobs From Home

Writing Jobs From HomeAre you an avid writer? Do you you enjoy writing? If so you have found the right webpage  because this article is going to tell you about writing jobs (from home) that will pay you money! Wouldn't it be nice to wake up in the morning grab a coffee, and instead of showering and getting ready to head to work you were able to sit at your computer in your pajamas because that was your job? With the internet being so vast, more and more people are able to do just this. Below I have listed 10 of the more popular content writing jobs that you can work at from the comfort of your own home.

10 Popular Writing Jobs You Can Do From Home


Triple CurveCalifornia born, Triple Curve is a writing company always looking to hire writers, editors etc. Triple Curve is unique in the way that they like to focus more on the content of articles rather than the length. They specialize in blogging, copywriting, SEO etc. Their pay is anywhere between $8-$15/article. This company is extremely well liked based on the reputation they uphold and would be a good choice to make supplemental income.

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Break Studios begins by having a topic of titles that you can choose from. Once you make sure you have read their guidlines, you then write small quality pieces on the topic chosen. Once published the pay per article is around $8. They are always looking for passionate, professional writers that can meet deadlines in a timely fashion.

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Hailing from Indianapolis In, ChaCha is a fun innovative and fullfilling place to 'work'. They are driven by constant innovation and improvement, and boast flexibility in their schedules. They are a closely tied group of individuals that claim to be changing the world with revolutionary products and new ideas.

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BlogMutt is a content website that's main purpose is to serve blog owners and businesses that just don't have time to write quality content for themselves. Basically you write posts for businesses and if they like your work you get compensated. There is a point system for quality and the higher you move up the more money you can make. At BlogMutt you can work like a dog to fill someone's blog!

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HireWriters is in essence the same sort of website as BlogMutt (above). It is a content writing network where website and blog owners alike can go and hire people to write cheap, quality content for their businesses. They employ beginner to expert writers but there is a significant cost fluctuation between the levels of writers people choose. Because of the writer expertise levels I am unsure of the payment for articles but do know that payments to writers are made via PayPal.


Scripted Logo

Scripted is a web community full of very talented writers therefore is a respected site as well.  And because Scripted houses more talented writers the compensation for the articles is relfected in the payout. Scripted pay averages $18-$35 per article. A good choice for writers that have a little more experience in the industry.

Craete Space logo

Create Space is a division of Amazon and because of this you know they are well trusted. With Create Space you can publish your words your way. Create Space is unique in that it allows you to generate a ton of opportunities. They have tools and services that will allow you to write your own book if you wish and the publish it to the eyes of millions. You can even create music and DVD's if your so inclined!

Hub Pages logo

HubPages is refreshing in the fact that you hold the freedom to write about anything you wish. It is a user generated content sharing website that was created back in 2006. Upon sign up, members each receive their own subdomain where they can upload content, videos, media files etc.They have a revenue sharing platform, but if your pages get a lot of traffic you can also earn money by installing Google Adsense.

EssayTown logo

EssayTown has been around as long as the internet. Founded back in 1995 EssayTown creates well...you guessed it - essays. They also provide term papers and various other school projects. They are an American company with head offices in California and New Jersey. They seem to always be on the search for writers in all academics. I've heard speculation that some writers have earned between $35-45k/year so don't be fooled by their primative website.

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Online Writing Jobs is an established and trusted freelance writing website that employs loyal writers and serves loyal clients. Many successful and well known companies utilize Online Writing Jobs to take care of their needs. As with most freelance website policies - writers are accountable for thier own article quality and contributions. Online Writing Jobs does pay per project on a fair rubric system. Monies owed to writers are paid out weekly (which is nice) and payments are sent via PayPal.

Write Your Way To Freedom!

All of the article writing jobs listed above are great and trusted ways that you can supplement an income from home but you're still essentially 'working' for someone else. If you like writing I recommend starting your own blog or business and become your own boss! It is so easy these days! Why waste all your effort writing articles for a few dollars when all your doing is making someone else rich? If you are interested in learning how easy it is I have created a more in depth page at money blogging from home.


Questions?I hope this article gave you some ideas and insight into ways you can make money from home. Please use my contact page if you have questions or comments or want to talk about a site that's not on this list. I'd love to hear from you!